New world order: My son already has five passwords and usernames

As I was traveling back to Los Angeles, I decided to check some of the news. Ive been trying to avoid the news now going on four months. I used to be a newsaholic and now I’ve gone cold turkey. Or have tried to. It’s amazing how television news is in everywhere now. Anyway, I decided to activate my in flight Wi-Fi so that I could keep working because otherwise I would be way behind. Plus, I wanted to see if there was any office drama going on that I should prepare for. I won’t tell you what I found out. As I was working I thought I should find out if there was any national drama as well.   I laughed a bit when I read about the wikileaks documents surrounding CIA tactics. I don’t know about you, but I thought to myself “duh”. Wouldn’t you expect the CIA to have such tactics (i.e. spying through our television etc). Listen, I watch a ton of television. If you have watched 24, Homeland, Arrow, and so on you already think these things happen. 

But enough about that.

The national drama did get me thinking about my son and how his worldview will be and already is different. He teaches his teacher on computer coding. He presented on the chupacabra as part of his cultural heritage. I’ll address that on a later date. He has a laptop, Xbox one, Nintendo 3ds and an iPad. And guess what all of those require him to have a username and/or a password. 

When I was eight my nickname was mini. And it still is. Did I sometimes pretend to be one of the Charlie’s Angels? Most certainly. But I most definitely didn’t have a username. These days kids are taught early on to have an alias or two. This certainly will have an impact on self description, identification and personality. I can’t imagine what our future leaders will be like considering this username childhood.  Can you?

Then we have the passwords. My son probably already has memorized five passwords. At his age, I had nothing of any value that needed safeguarding with passwords. But now they have usernames that need to be protected as well as expensive electronic equipment. 
So my son has secret names and passwords that give him access to whole new worlds. With having to memorize so many numbers how will my son’s brain be sculpted? Surely, memory functions going forward will look differently in this new generatiom. What CIA hacks will have to be created to keep up with our evolving selves?  Some cool stuff must be coming. 

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  1. Brave new world on its way for sure – I think one of the best things about the tech that I use, is that I only have to remember one password – not all my friends phone numbers, my phone does that for me 😀


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