Today I was a diva with a crush on Hugh Laurie

I am going to start off this bit by admitting to you all two things: (1) I had a diva moment today, and (2) I have a crush on Hugh Laurie. Let me begin by briefly explaining my diva behavior which was completely justified. 
My very busy schedule today had to be rearranged to accommodate a colleague’s request to have me attend a video shooting session. Despite my crazy work life we accommodated accordingly. Then we were sent to the wrong address and they were an hour behind schedule. I had it and moved on and made sure they knew it. I was outwardly and vocally upset. People had not seen me that angry before. 
But I felt disrespected. One major pet peeve of mine is when people are late and don’t seem to care. By being late you are somewhat saying your time is more important than the other person’s time. Not cool at all. But I am not here to rant and rave about this particular pet peeve. 
I moved on to a good lunch as a treat for the bad day’s events. I suppose I had been “hangry” as well. During a yummy lunch, that eased the anger, we got into talking about good television shows which got me super excited. See, I watch a lot of television and nothing has really caught my attention in a while. Until this week. 
While on my flights to and from New York, I was able to watch the show The Night Manager. If you have not watched that show, you must do so right away. The show is so well acted, scripted and paced. And Hugh Laurie is evil and great at it. Who wouldn’t have a crush on am evil Hugh Laurie. Sure, when he portrayed the character of House he was a bit mean. House was a smart curmudgeon but as Roper in the Night Manager Hugh Laurie was bloody brilliant.  Don’t take my word for it. Go catch an episode or two. It’s nice to finally catch a good television show in which to totally immerse oneself and forget about the crazy world around us. 

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyHSjv9gxlE in case you want a funnier laurie. i adore in that simple time peeve. honestly. I know and aim to not forget that more than we as people it’s often clothes/appearance and timing that set up delivered expectation not our hopes/value that is a key forward sideways or for some sometimes backward. the amusement is, the same impatience in traffic shows this for what it is. if there is naught but annoyance another is in front of you deciding, then the same is true of same said soul late or ill timed being not human but worthless to our cause when lunch out despite setback is not just happenstance joy but the truest fulfillment of a rarer exploration outside the norm as our lives are often rigid to schedule/goals. or, try to imagine wanting to do a job and finding out a year and a half into it you’re there not because of merit or quality but because you show up and others did not, the same detail of no one covers you or your personal value is somewhat lower within that situation is amusing in that it was key I was how much of their joy was obtained and thus my repayment was a tad thin for that blessing… just a better than fireable always ontime reliable well dressed ….lesser for it soul. or 😉 i advocate lack of road rage and a reminder within obvious balance! the good behaviour thoreau speaks of is in fact actually regretable as it’s often power stolen from others selfishly and crapped on like not you you but YOU matter more hmph on whatever show on the road people! get out of MY way.

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  2. I do love Hugh Laurie, too. He has the acerbic wit of Alan Rickman and the charm of Hugh Grant, yet he is most definitely his own man. I loved him in Sense and Sensibility, even though his part was relatively small. But my God, he stole every scene he was in.

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  3. Oddly, yours truly had no idea who or what a Hugh Laurie was up until recent years.
    Dear friends (far more cultured than I) acquired tickets to see him performing
    as a vocal artist, and he was really good.
    I now realise the guy can act quite well also.
    p.s. We were all on time for the performance. No would-be celebrities in my circle.

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  4. Hate people who is habitually late…..(Just can forgive them no more than once…)

    As for Hugh Laurie , I’ll go in search of The Night Manager…
    My impression is that it hasn’t been broadcast in Italy , but I could have missed it because I’m not fond of tv, besides the fact that the title might have been changed for the Italian audience…
    Anyway , Thanks for this share!

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