Today was a lovely day indeed: She had emerged

She hurriedly got off the plane, exchanged her currency and hailed a taxi. She had never been so excited in her life. The cab dropped her off and she saw the bike.  It was still there.

No one knew of its power.
She rushed over and unchained it.

She looked quickly behind her, mounted the bike and peddled faster than ever.

She aimed right for the noodle shop. She cruised through the restaurant, picking up a bowl of Ramen that she slurped. She biked into the kitchen crashing into the wall. The bike falling over her.

The cooks ran over to her to find she had no pulse.

She smiled as she finished her ramen from the corner looking out at the scene.
Today was a lovely day indeed.  She had emerged.


(photo from Friday Fictioneers)

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