Pet peeve: People who don’t try the bad-tasting stuff you offer

I’m going to be completely random today. And why not? We are all living in a post-truth, hologram universe. Being random is the most normal thing one can do. So, I’m going to be normal today and be random. And I’m going to delight in it.
There is this Geico television commercial with raccoons that totally cracks me up because I live its sentiment everyday. Heres the tv commercial.

There are these raccoons digging through garbage as raccoons tend to do. One tries to get the other raccoon to try mango chutney with burnt hair. He tries and tries, to no avail, to get his friend to try the nasty tasting garbage chutney. The friend is disgusted and won’t try it despite the fact he’s digging through garbage. Is he bound to find something better?

I have to personally note, that mango chutney with burnt hair doesn’t sound so bad.
Why do I find this amusing?  I’m one of those people that always tries to convince others to taste something bad. I would probably try to get someone to give that burnt hair chutney a taste. When it comes to food, I’m of the belief that misery does indeed love company.
Let me explain my recent raccoon-like experience.
During the past three weeks, I started taking a new liquid supplement containing tumeric, spirulina and a ton of other vitamins and odd ingredients. I’ve been taking it to help with my restless legs. I searched and searched for a cure. I needed immediate relief. I found this supplement that had good Amazon reviews.
Surprisingly, the supplement has helped me. And not so surprisingly it tastes horribly. It has a horrid smell.  The smell is wretched. Just horrid. Just thinking and writing about it makes my mouth go dry. But I take it three times a day. I immediately follow it with a Coke Zero and some gummy worms.
While I am happy that it works I really want someone to share in the taste misery with me. And no matter how hard I try no one will taste it. Apparently, I’m not selling it right. I put too much emphasis on how disgusting it is. But I would think that would be part of the charm.
If something is supposedly so horrible, wouldn’t you be curious to find out if it truly tastes like…..?  Am I wrong I thinking some people would be curious enough?  I’m not asking anyone to take it three times a day, everyday. Its just for a second. Or two. Sigh.
I’m left tasting this icky concoction on my own everyday. I’ll tell you what though. It will make me a hardy being. And when that apocalypse comes, I will be able to stomach anything out there as we all scavenge around.
You wanna try my urine-colored  tumeric supplement?
You know you want to…

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