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Now is the time to be alive, to wake up and to stay awake

One of my favorite television shows of all time is Battlestar Galactica. The new one. The edgy one and not the campy one of decades back. It was a dark show where the few that remain of humanity are engaged in a constant struggle against the Cylons. The robots who were more than robots. While they constantly struggled they held hope of finding planet earth. Go figure.

Despite my often sunny, cheery disposition the darker my television shows the better. I find dark shows to be cathartic. I can let my anger, fears and disbelief ventilate when watching said shows. When I was pregnant, I couldn’t get enough of horror films. I had morning sickness for a full seven months. The horror films eased my pain.

So now at this point in time, I love dystopian, dark, television shows. I do like superheroes but they need to be dark. I prefer Arrow to Flash. And I will admit I actually liked the Batman vs Superman movie. But I have digressed a tad much.

One of the aspects I really liked about Battlestar Galactica was that not everyone was a fighter, at first. Slowly many became warriors. Also, many were asleep in the sense that they were, unbeknownst to themselves, sleeper agents. And when they “woke” up they had to decide who they would be true to. Would they be true to the self that underlined their unreal reality or to the self that they had come to know as true?  We all have to pick a side.

In that vein, my earworm for this past week has been this random song that popped up on my iPod that I had no idea I owned. It is a song called 1940 by the submarines.

Something’s wring when you regret 

things that haven’t happened yet.

So rise and shine

Nows the time to be alive

To stay awake….

These days everything is about waking up. Staying awake and being alive. Regardless of what one thinks of all the protests and twitter rants and vents, people are speaking up and waking up.  It certainly makes for some interesting times. I will hum this song as I watch dystopian show after dystopian show. To be awake during the dark times can be an interesting way to experience the world.

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  1. Yes! Awake! I love that we aren’t lulled into thinking that everything is being taken care of for us. People are looking closely, being prompted to listen deeply to their own values, and finding their voice.


  2. “One of the aspects I really liked about Battlestar Galactica was that not everyone was a fighter, at first. Slowly many became warriors.” Sounds like real-life.


  3. In a world going through a NATURAL cycle of change, many react as if the world is ending. It is unlikely we’ll see this conclusion, however, these times will test our values and beliefs. Those who are wise will LISTEN before they speak. Understanding an adversarial position is critical to improve communication. Those who are only interested in being heard simply contribute to greater chaos.


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