Bucket list: I should have stopped for the free tree

I have a ton of allergies. I’m severely allergic to shellfish and cat dander. Just sitting next to someone who has cats sends me into a sneezing frenzy. I’m.allergic to mold. But considering how gross it us, shouldn’t everyone be allergic to mold as well. I suppose mold can be good for you considering Penicillin comes from mold. But I’m not here to dwell on the marvels of modern day medicine. Although, penicillin is a bit outdated nowadays.  

I’m a bit allergic to grass as well. Splendor in the grass is a great movie (albeit sad) but not a reality for me. Now where am I going with this? Ah yes, trees. 

Botanical gardens make me hive. I still go to them because they are so lovely and warm. Humid but warm. And I love being warm I truly had to question myself several times when I was in Berlin for Christmas. I wore three pairs of wool socks (which I’m allergic to) along with my timberland knee high boots, and my feet were still cold. Thus, I enjoy botanical gardens on my travels. But I wouldn’t want to take any plants or trees home.  Not that would be allowable. All my cacti died one year, many years ago. I still don’t have a green thumb. Even my fake plants die. Its a talent that I have.

I’m not meant to have plants. Thus, when I passed a woman giving away free trees in Los Angeles, I didn’t stop to pick one up. And we drove by her three times. By the third time. I was beginning to think I should grab one. Why not? I like free things. I have tons of useless things. I have a balcony but no land. My balcony currently has my dead fake flowers. Its a talent I have, I tell you. 

Now I wish that I had grabbed that free tree. I could have walked around stores and the office just carrying a tree. Its like the log lady in Twin Peaks- which by the way is being brought back to television (someday).  I could have danced with my tree for a bit of levity. Who doesn’t need something sillyblike that these days? 
Or I suppose I could have started a community garden somewhere. Or better yet considering my very non-green thumb, I could have donated it to a community garden. I’m sure there is one around me. I could have given it to my son and watched the off expression form on his face.  I love watching that face. 

There is so much I could gave done with a free opposed to one I had to pay for. I hate having regrets. I suppose that is why we now have bucket lists.  A bucket list to wish for a free tree. Oh my! 

Too silly?

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