We may be collectively living in a hologram: That sure makes sense

There was a period of time, when I was young, in which it seemed I was headed towards a career in holography. I wasn’t a STEM student, although I was labeled as gifted.  Yet, holograms were part of my thought considerations.  There were times when it appeared that nothing around me was real. Or rather I had a strong sense of deja vu. Or it just seemed that life was mirroring lfe. Odd?  It can’t be surprising considering that the cartoon Jem and the Holograms was  popular (at least in my mind) and Pee Wee’s playhouse was a real thing (perhaps).

I loved that Jem was the singer alter-ego of Jerrica and that Pee Wee herman most definitely had an alter ego that was maybe slightly less creepy than his real life image. Nothing was what it seemed yet everything was hidden in plain sight.  That was then.

Fast forward a few decades. Now my son is growing up quickly in a post-truth, alternate- facts world where I still have to try to hold him accountable despite everything going on in the world around us. But I’m not touching that subject.  One of the odd shows he watches is called Steven Universe about a young boy who is half-gem and lives with three magical humanoid aliens.  I can’t explain it any further than that.  Its odd.  But seems to be holographic (is that even a word) in nature. He also watches the show The Thundermans that is about a suburban family of superheroes trying to mask their abilities.  I watch these shows with him and just sahke my head. Does it not seem like life goes round and round?  Everyone has an alterego and we start kids on that path at a very early age.

Now why am I thinking of alteregos and holograms? Well, some scientists decided to add to our current turmoil and confusion. Researchers released what they believe is the first observational evidence that our universe could be a vast and complex hologram.  Huh? We are a hologram? That would certainly epxain many things. Or would it? I suppose it depends on what it means to be a hologram. Here is one explanation “all the information that makes up our 3-D ‘reality’ (plus time) is contained in a 2-D surface on its boundaries.”  I am sure that cleared everything up for you. I’m going to leave the phsyics of this to others to explain. I was more of a chemistry nerd than physics. I’ll focus instead (very briefly) on the psychology of it.

Many things have felt surreal lately. And thus, if the universe if a hologram, I feel comforted and rooted in a reality that need not be real. I am ok with this alternate fact of the universe. It makes everything seem more logical. Doesn’t it? It provides a rationale that is outside of our control. That is certainly a bit comforting to me.  And with that I will move on.

If the universe if a hologram, can we all get animated? Meaning, I would like my own cartoon character. I want to be like Jem and sing and dance in pink spandex at night while during the day I do healthcare. Oh what fun it would be to ride the hologram possibility.

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  1. This is interesting. I have been feeling things are unreal lately too – for me, it’s to do with vibrations of energy. I’m about to write a blog post about and read yours to help focus my thoughts.


  2. …There were times when it appeared that nothing around me was real. Or rather I had a strong sense of deja vu … 🙂

    I know this character as my little jester, very adaptable. A wonderfully amusing truth-seekers among my inner crowd, with a wide perspective.


  3. Finally, an alternate truth I could actually get behind! Of course, I might want to run this theory by some of the physicists and other science geeks who will be participating in the local March for Science. Too bad my eyes will probably glaze over if/when any of them tries to actually explain it to me.


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