What I admitted to this past year: Oh my

We all have our thoughts on what the previous year was like. There seems to be a collective belief that the year was surreal. I mean, think about it, we had creepy clowns springing out of nowhere. Eek. This year, while I navigated the surreal waters of the world, I also went on a purge of sorts. In deepening my relationship with you all, I admitted to a few things that were either silly or .. well, most were silly. Some were sad. It is amazing what we dare to put down for the world to read and hear. Have you found yourself doing the same?  It is an open world now. All our experiences are fair game for social media, or so it appears. I will tell you now, I don’t share restroom or workout photos. You are probably thinking “duh, well who does?” Millions of people do. There isn’t much wrong, I suppose, with the workout photos. I just don’t care to see someone’s abs 100 times. I don’t know about you, but those photos don’t motivate me.  Well, so what did I share?
It was a year where I hoped hope would go viral. I am not sure what may come. But I do know that the sun always rises.  And many of you agreed with me.  I also noted that there are many winding paths and we need not worry with such rigidity what our paths will hold and we should, as a result, embrace the curveballs.   I, for one, am looking forward to 2017. I say bring it on!
Many of you extended a hand in sympathy when I admitted that I felt sad and missed my mother dearly.  And I am grateful for such support. I also shared what my mother never told me such as that she went even more hungry than we usually tended to be so that I could go to boarding school.
While, I love to blog about my travels (which have decreased this past year as I settle dinto Los Angeles) I admiited this year, that I don’t like traveling alone even with a selfie-stick. I am very much a Genxer that way.  I also shared that while I may be sucessful at many things, I am horrible at keeping flowers alive. Even fake ones. Go figure. That takes some special talent. Speaking of talent, how about this. While I am in the healthcare field, I readily admitted to the fact that I do not always follow my doctor’s advice.   But I do believe that others share in this bad habit of mine.
This year, I shared with you all my adjustment to Los Angeles. There are parts I like, namely that of the beaches, restaurants, and street art and there are parts that I do not. One of the things I hate is the lack of public transportation and how little walking people do here.
I also shared with you this past year how much I love my son. I believe I share that every year. I can’t help it. I noted that my happiness lies in his eyes. I know he understands how much I love him as I tell him so everyday. However, I do hope that one day he reads this bits and gets the depths of my love for him. I cannot wait for his new brain sparks and what will come from them. I am sure I will be sharing more of his adventures in the coming year. I just had him create a small vision board for himself. And on the board he included getting a dog and building out his own YouTube page. I do hope this comes to fruition and we can start a family show on the road. Come on down 2017!


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  1. Great reflective post. I am sure 2017 will be full of fun and curveballs. Embracing them all is what will make this year a great one.


  2. I’ve enjoyed reading your musings this past year, and related very strongly to many of them. Curveballs are tough, but part of life and they arguably make things more interesting. Here’s to a great 2017 for all of us!


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