Just binged-watched Search Party and I’m going back to curly hair

Happy new year! Do you have your resolutions all laid out, pressed and ready to be worn? Yes! We wear our resolutions like those old patches that people would sew into their ripped jeans. I never did that mainly because I was too lazy to sew or iron. Still am. Thus, nothing of that sort will be on my resolutions list. But I have mightily digressed before I even got started. And no! I will not resolve to digress less in the new year. I just wouldn’t be me and I must keep it real.

As I finished off 2016, I binged watched a quirky, new television show called Search Party. Its not hard to binge watch considering there were only ten episodes, 30 minutes each. Yet, it was hard to binge watch considering how unsympathetic and unlikable the characters are. They area bunch of self-involved, narcissistic mystery seekers who are too bored with life to know they are bored. They set out to find a missing college friend (rather more like acquaintance) and find themselves in the middle of cults, train deaths and affairs. The finale was brutal and I think this may have been a comedy. The protagonist of the show was beyond clueless and irredeemable. One thing I did like about her, were her curls. Her head was all curls. She kept her curls messy making me want to reach right into the television to nicely curl up her curls. Have you ever been in such a situation where you just want to fix someone’s hair although it would be vastly inappropriate? It happens to me often. 
Now that I have wandered off let me get back on the straight path. Or rather, the curly path. 
This is it. Its a new year and my son is eight. I’m thinking its time I let my curls come back. I used to have awesome curls. Sure, they were wild and gave me fits. My poor mom had no idea how to handle my curls as a kid. It took me a good two decades to learn. Then I got super cute curls. I had fun with them. I even took a few awesome photos with my curls.  
Then I straightened my hair. Then I did it again. Then I did it again. It has been a solid five years of hair straightening. And I did the Japanese straightening which is the permanent fix. Now, I’m at the point where I long for my crazy curls but will they come back?  I’m so scared that I pushed my curls into a state of non-being. All I had wanted to do was have a vacation from my curls. I didn’t want them to disappear forever. Apparently, however, according to my recent Uber driver, I may have sent my curls away forever. He noted that my curls may be too scared to come back out. I tried to talk to a few of my other Uber drivers about this but some tried to either give me driving lessons or sell me time shares in Nevada. 
What am I to do? Should I organize my very own search party for my curls? Do I try to get Shirley Temple to transfer some of her curls over to me? Wait, did she die? 
In all seriousness, it is time for me to go back to my roots and get my curls back. I need to be my old self for a little bit. The curls were sassy and fun. I’ve been so focused on my career the last few years, that my curls took a back seat. I kept my hair straight (which was a lot of work) to keep a certain look going. But why should I conform? I shouldn’t. There is no reason to considering that as a Hispanic female I’m already outside the norm in my field. I might as well be completely outside the norm so that I can flip my curls around whenever I want. 
Bring on the curls. Bring on the funk! 

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