My happiness lies in my son’s eyes

I’m a lucky mom. My son means the world to me and he knows it. He goes out into the world secure of my love. I feel happiness in that thought. His birthday was two weeks ago and we’ve been celebrating it the last two weeks culminating in thus weekend’s trip to SeaWorld. 
My boy loves penguins. I mean absolutely adores those beautiful creatures. At this point he may have 15 stuffed penguin toys. He started that love affair over two years ago when we were fortunate enough to travel to Melbourne, Australia. While there we caught the March of the Penguins where you sit still in the rain while the penguins March in at sunset from the sea. It is one of the most spectacular, breathtaking experiences in the world. Although, young, my son understood the magnificence of that moment. We started collecting penguins. We brought back two beautiful stuffed penguins: one for him and the other in my mother’s memory as she too loved Penguins. Despite her having departed this earth I hope he continues to share that bond with her. We have since made an effort to take him to aquariums and zoos across the world so that he can further penguin glimpses.

Then this year as he turned 8, we wanted to do something special as it pertains to penguins. We drove down to San Diego and took him to SeaWorld. We treated him to a penguins close encounter tour. He got to touch a penguin, be photographed with a penguin and then he got to hang out for a bit with the penguins in their articles seaworld space. The look on his face and in his eyes said it all. I can only hope my mom is rejoicing in that moment as well. For that was true happiness. 

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  1. I have a happy memory of my child and penguins, too. During her second stint in kindergarten, where she had a better teacher than the first go-round, the class put on a play where the children dressed as penguins. I don’t recall exactly what species were represented, but I’m pretty sure that mine was an emperor. We still have photos and I think even video of this special event where there were smiles like your son’s all around the room, even on the faces of the performers, who were probably too young at the time to even consider being embarrassed by all this good clean fun!
    Sea World is a great place to visit, especially this time of year when you can splash around and cool off. Both my kids were in Girl Scouts when we lived in So Cal so all of us girls got to sleep over at the Wild Animal Park (and I still have my Roar N Snore coffee mug to prove it!) and to sleep on the cold damp floor with the beautiful Beluga whales swimming and gliding through the water all night just on the other side of the glass.
    Happy and innocent memories, those. Thanks for reminding me and taking me back there by sharing your experience.


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