The beauty of having had an amazingly horrible day

Oh, where to land now

Another place tomorrow

Pedaling quickly


I am not a bike rider. And that is perhaps one of my biggest understatements ever. Maybe. I believe I have already shared how I also hate spinning. I don’t get it. I also do not like yoga. But that is a big digression. Let me refocus. As the year is nearing its end, it is always a good thing (supposedly) to try to look back not at the year that is to be done but also at years past.  If one dares to, that is. Sometimes, I think of this as reviewing the metaphorical bike path on which I have been.


This year has been calmer for me even though I did a second move in two years. I feel more settled and ready to take on new challenges. I am actually excited for the challenges that are to come.  There are so many unknowns right now in my field of work -healthcare-that any are frozen in place. Me, I don’t feel frozen. I feel ready to act and to do something.  It is most definitely not a time to be stationary or spinning in place. It is time to really move.


When I look back at my year’s passed, one of my hardest was that of when I was in Spain. I was young, poor and not worldly. Sure, I grew up a New Yorker. But that still didn’t prepare me for living abroad on my own as a teen. That was quite a feat. A difficult one.   I learned about perseverence.  My most difficult day was my last there when I had to somehow make it home with barely a dime in my pocket. It was my version of the Amazing Race before that show even became a thought in any producer’s mind.  I recall walking with two huge pieces of luggage at dawn for as many city streets that I could muster.   I needed to save money. When my arms were starting to hurt, I got onto the metro as far as I could. Then somehow I ended up walking a few blocks to the airport. I don’t remember how I got there.  I made international collect calls to remind people (anyone really) that I was coming home. The flight was long but perhaps the safest and most comfortable part of the journey.  I had time to just sit and not worry about how to get from point A to point B.  When I finally landed back in the States, I managed to get into a car with individuals that would take me 20 miles north of Boston. It only cost a few dollars. I made it to my friends place and crashed on the floor exhausted. I couldn’t remember when last I had eaten.


I somehow made it home and I can never forget that journey where I had to make sure every decision I made strategically moved me (literally forward) and didn’t waste a single cent. There were times when I was near crying. But I never gave up. It just wasn’t a possibility.  That day pops into my head every so often when I feel I am having a difficult day.  Then I remember I have had it worse. That is the beauty of having had an amazingly horrible day. It makes all others seem ok and perhaps great. You just have to remember those days and use them as motivation.


I look back and see how much my life has changed from that day when I tried to get from Barcelona back to the States. Luckily now I have a few credit cards, cell phones readily exist and I travel very lightly. I have learned to pack in such a way that I can run really far and fast with my luggage if need be.


This past year was nothing compared to that. Although I did have more than 20 flights this year and a good 45% were delayed. Patience. I have learned to develop that a bit as well. I maybe had about 5 really bad days this year and I was ok.  For it is all good.

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  1. Great example of perseverance and tenacity, two traits that I have seen on display through many of your posts. I see now where and how you learned them so well. I saw, through this, how I also learned some traits that have been applied in many situations throughout my adult life and that I didn’t realize till now that I too had learned them through a difficult semester I got through on a college program in Washington, DC. Was glad to also see that these days for you have recently been few. May you have even fewer of them in 2017, Mimi.


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