I hate spinning: Give me dancing


I do not like circular arguments. I do not like catch-22s. I do not like people who engage in circular arguments to appear as if they are smart. If you have to try hard to appear a certain way, then you truly are not. But I rant and digress.


I don’t like spinning. And by that I mean  spin exercise classes. Can someone explain to be not only the point of indoor cycling but indoor cycling set to music in a room with a bunch of other people just cycling and puffing?

I do not like group exercises. I prefer to work out alone and do my own thing I don’t need marching orders from someone spinning their wheels, literally.


I get that there are people that need to exercise in a group because they feed off of others’ energy. I am not one of those. There are some that say they like spinning because no one judges each other. I laugh at that one. I have seen the movies and television shows. There’s judgment. Not that I care about that too much. You exercise to your capacity. You are exercising to build that capacity. Thus, there should be no shame in being at a lower level. But I digress.


I hate spinning. I am annoyed by it. I am annoyed by the Soul Cycle right next door to me. I say go get on a bicycle and get out in nature. If you are training for the Olympics, ok, go for it. Actually, considering the state of Rio de Janeiro, cyclists in the Olympics may do best to do indoor cycling instead. Anyway, from what I have seen at many places, these spinning classes are super packed and people are basically riding on top of one another. Not for me. The spinners also seem to belong to cliques. They have similar outfits and odd smiles. Its like Heathers (Think Mean Girls  but darker) on stationary bikes. I keep expecting to see Christian Slater sneak around trying to poison the sweat towels. Also, I do not like sitting during my workouts. I am high energy and need to move everything constantly. Sitting on a stationary bike pretending to be biking in unison with sweaty strangers breathing down my neck is not for me. Also, what is up with the dim lighting?  Is this darkness suppose to evoke a nightclub feel? If so, I most definitely rather dance.


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  1. I’m on the other end..i love spinning! But I really enjoyed your post! I do feel like getting up to dance when my favorite song comes on and I’m still spinning!
    I’ve recently written a post on my love for spinning.


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