Dear voice: I just dont know how to quit you

When I was a kid, one of my nicknames besides Mimi was “chatterbox”. I talked and talked. I was an only child until the age of nine. I was used to being the center of attention and to just talking up a storm just about anything. I read many books a week when growing up. Thus, I would regale my poor mother with book recaps. All she probably wnated to do was hug her daughter and listen to some good old country western music where she could hear that someone else’s life was even tougher than hers. But she let me talk. I was her one and only. And supposedly I was gifted. Thus, she was encouraged to let me talk. I entered storytelling contests. I performed on the weekends. Surprisingly, I was very shy as well as a kid.  I could perform and that was because I loved movies and television. They transported me.  I saw that one could act one’s way through life. Thus, I talked and talked despite being a shy girl.  That was then.


Today. Who am I kidding? I am still a chatterbox. Give me a microphone and I will be a diva. Although, I am still an introvert of sorts. No one believes that I am introvert, but I am. I just liking talking a lot in certain circumstances.


This week has been a different story, of sorts. I have been a bit sick this past week and as a result I have been a bit more tired, emotional and perhaps crabby. Actually, it is more like I am not tolerating much. And I have been more than a bit sick. There are some people that have come under my ire a bit more as they already were bothering me and I felt extra bothered. But that is neither here nor there.  I have been sick for more than a week and that can tire a girl out. Especially one like me that likes to be on the go. The worse part of being sick this week was that I lost my voice. Truly lost it.


It all started with an extremely sore throat that barely felt open. I have been so hungry this week. I have been waking up at 1am each night completely nauseous from how hungry I was.  I went to the doctor and there was nothing that they could do. Despite a sore throat, ear pain and eye goop, they couldn’t give me antibiotics. Now over a week later, I am still coughing with a sore throat. Something had to give and that was my voice. And that was just intolerable.


Not being able to talk goes against my very nature. My very being. Thus, I still tried to talk despite not being able to. I whispered. I coughed. I whispered some more. Just because I am crazy I even came into work led a meeting and conducted two job interviews. Then I wonder why over a week out my voice is still gone. I just don’t know how to quit my voice. Once a chatterbox, always a chatterbox. Even when sick.



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  1. Fortunately for us, your readers, your voice translates into writing. I hope you feel better soon and we can your voice so you can continue to regale those around you with your insights. As always, a true pleasure reading your posts.


  2. Sounded like you were way overdue for a vacation in a warm sunny place. This may have been the message your body was trying to send you. Appears that you are now improving. Was this spontaneous or vacation induced? Either way, glad that it happened.


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