Goodnight, good fellow

I let you down

You died before my eyes

I saw your eyes cry

You didn’t understand

Why didn’t I hold you?

Why didn’t I cusp your face?

Why didn’t I touch your hand?

I’m ashamed

I’m battered

I’m adrift

Pain killed you

Pain kills me

Pain inures forever after

Those were no tears of a clown

You held no guise

You had one last sigh

Then you played one last song with the band

Goodnight, good fellow

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  1. Nicely captured Mimi. That empty feeling of understanding more could be done should more attention had been given. I guess we could all retrospectively be better at many things, but that isn’t how we work. We act on emotional and mechanical understandings within us.
    A deep regret is akin to carrying another person on your back until at some point a decision is made which allows us to free ourselves of the burden.
    Nicely put Mimi. This could apply to a loved one or any loved thing.


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