Pet peeve: Stop saying you serve New York Pizza

My son loves pizza. And that is an understatement. When we went to Rome, he was ecstatic because he could feasibly have pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That was the definition of extreme happiness. He grew up on New York pizza. Well, he is still growing up since he is only eight years old. But you get what I mean. New York pizza is what he knew. He has fond memories of it as do I. My fondest memory is that of having a slice of pizza and a soda for $1.00 at lunch time when in junior high school. That was good pizza.

Now I enjoyed my pizza and pasta in Italy, as did my son. But I have a true soft spot for my New York City slice.  Now that we are in California, we of course still have pizza, but sadly, it is not the same.  And what really drives me batty, is when they advertise themselves as serving New York pizza. Here’s the thing, it just isn’t true.
Out here, they seem to think that if it is made with thin crust, it counts as New York pizza. No. Just because it is not thick crust like Chicago, doesn’t mean its New York.  Just a few weeks ago, there was a food truck down outside our lobby area that advertised itself as true New York Pizza. I got my hopes up because even though I tend to be a curmudgeon I am also an optimist. We ordered two large pizzas. That’s how grand our optimism was. We brought the large New York like pizza boxes upstairs and opened them up eagerly. 
Upon first inspection, they seemed like they could be authentic. It was thin and had the New York shine.  Bit into my slice and then became deflated. Where was the sauce? There was no sauce. Sigh. New York pizza has sauce! 
Perhaps it is just not meant to be. But if that is the case, be truthful about it. Just call yourself semi New York pizza. That I can live with.

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  1. I semi-liked this post! Just kidding! It can be really grating when other places try and emulate our favourite food. maybe you should branch into getting a pizza machine and making some authentic new york pizza yourselves! 🙂


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