Seems like now is a good time for a wine tour


It is time for a new adventure. The world is too chaotic right now to just stand still in the middle of it. I must spin along with the world and find a new dance.  -Psychologist Mimi

I have a love hate relationship with wine. Well, its not really love and it is not really hate. Can I just say, instead, I have a tepid relationship with wine.  I am not too fond of red wine. I find it dry and don’t like the lukewarm temperature of red wine. Sure, there are less dry red wines out there. I know that. I have taken wine classes. And before you judge me for that (since everyone is so judgmental these days about the slightest things), let me note my first wine class was during senior year in college where we delighted in being able to drink legally while learning. That was a blast. There are not many things I would want to relive from my college days, but that is certainly one of them.  But I have gone on a long digression. Actually, for me this isn’t that long of a digression. But back to it, my friends. All this to say, I am not too fond of red wines. I become fonder of them after my third glass. But it takes a lot to get me to that third glass of red wine.


Now, white wines I like. I enjoy the sweetness and tartness of whites. I also like that it is cold.  It is refreshing.  I really came to love white wines when I was in Austria. I was in Vienna for a week-long conference and the white wines made it all the more tolerable. I found Vienna to be a beautiful city, although, I had some issues with the people. I have already written about that so no reason to go into that here.  I came back with a thirst for white wines. I got really into a German Reisling, specifically Hofmann. It is quite delicious, although I have found it hard to find stateside.


Despite my like of white wines, I still don’t order them very often at restaurants as I tend to go for my rum-based cocktails.  I am Puerto Rican, afterall.


However, today I woke up thinking that in this moment in time it would be great to go on a wine tour. And I do not mean a tour where you get one small glass here and there.   Having lived previosuly in the northern California, I have had the great fortune of being able to go to both Sonoma and Napa Valley.  Those were good, and do in a pinch. Yet, I am craving something grander or of greater grandeur.  The question is where to go?


Should I be considering a trip to France this winter? Would going there help ease away the ridiculousness of 2016?  I am not too sure of that. I could maybe go to Argentina and/or Chile?  I could go back to Spain and visit the La Rioja region. There are some stuning wineries there. I could go to Jerez, is a city in southern Spain’s Andalusia region where Flamenco, moorish architecture and wine rule. I think I could go for that. I love dancing. I love to see architecture from throughout the world and they have some good wine there. But even better they have great sherry there.  I love sherry! Its sweetness delights me. It is a town known for its horses as well and thus perhaps I can get my son to go for a ride. Ah, to dream of travel.  I am feeling that itch to get up, get on a plane and experience something new for a few days or weeks.   One of my biggest pleasures in life is to see my son experience a new culture.  If I can do that while enjoying a good glass of wine or sherry (or both) then why not?


Ok, now that I have talked this thorugh with you dear reader, I feel much better. Onwards to my next adventure. Lets see what it will be.



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  1. Andalucia and its wines, for sure, though i seem to recall drinking too much Amaretto offset by coffee and not so much wine. Tio Pepe comes to mind, however and one night of Sangre de Toro. I too digress. Yes to Jerez and its Sherry. Riesling and I used to have a close relationship too, but that was long ago. Have fun, where ever you decide.


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