Let’s do a big primal scream from the rooftops



There is  a lot of yelling out there these days. There is yelling out on the streets. There is yelling out in the social mediaverse. There is yelling inside our heads. Everyone is talking and writing with exclamation points.  Can we just for a minute, leave that punctuation mark alone?  The exclamation point was supposedly introduced into English printing in the 15th century to show  admiration or exclamation. If only they knew back then that it would be changed into a sign of anger and demand to be heard and seen as right.  Don’t you just hate getting emails that have items in bold and sentences that end in exclamation points.


Exclamation points are sometimes repeated for additional emphasis such as when we say “That’s fabulous!!!”, but it used to be that multiple exclamation points were unacceptable in formal writing.  Now they are quintupled at times. Email communications are getting to be so uncivilized with the never ending use of exclamation points. I can certainly do without them.  But I digress as this is not meant to be a rant against the exclamation point. I will let it be for now.


I am here to make a simple proposal. You got a lot of anger within you? You feel disappointed by humankind?  You find yourself staying up all night wondering what has gone wrong?  If so, I think we should all just do what I used to do in college at least once a semester at midnight. We would go to the quad or to the rooftops and just scream our heads off for a few minutes. We just screamed and screamed.  We would dig deep into our bellies and just let it out.  It felt invigorating to let it out. It felt empowering as well as draining. All anxiety and anger would go out of the belly and into the air. Afterwards we would also laugh and laugh.  Or at least, I would. Doesn’t that sounds better than keeping all that anger, hurt and disappointment locked within?


Let’s do it!!! Let’s set a date where we can all climb onto the rooftops and just release it all into the air. Listen, if it doesn’t work, what do you have to lose? Other than some anger and a few minutes?  I remember years back, Coca Cola released an advertisement that noted they wanted to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.  Well, let’s take it a step furterh and teach the world to vent all at once and then go for the soda.



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