I melted my pink hair blowdryer: Where is my mind? 

Answer me this. Have you ever asked yourself whether you flushed the cell phone down the toilet. I know I have asked myself that question a number of times and many of those times are totally random. I won’t have been anywhere near the bathroom yet it crosses my mind. I stop and truly wonder if I flushed the phone. I then head over to the bathroom and check.  And lo and behold no phone is in the toilet. But then again if I had indeed flushed it, would there not be a trace of it? What sign am I looking for? There’s no rhyme or reason to that line of thinking. My only excuse is that perhaps I watch too much cable news. And we all know what that means in turn. I watch too much television coverage of Donald Trump’s tweets. Yes, that is what passes for news now. Sigh. At this  point I would be noting my digression. However, I do not digress!

Here’s the thing. I sometimes wonder where is my mind. I wonder where other people’s minds are at. I’m sure others feel similarly.  How many rote, routine things have you messed up lately? Did you run the coffeemaker on empty by mistake? Did you purposefully get up to get something and then just forget what you got up to get? It’s not mass Alzheimer’s  (although the rates do distribution me). It’s just mass mindlessness due to mass exertion.

We are walking zombies. Well, many of us are. We wake up, use the bathroom, make the coffee, shower l, get dressed, maybe eat breakfast, maybe watch the morning news, get depressed from the morning news and hit the road. Somewhere along the way, we forget a thing here or there.

The other morning I blow dried my hair. I set it down on my bathroom counter. I then turned on my flat iron and got into the shower. As I am showering I smelled smoke. I saw no smoke. I kept on showering. I finished my shower. I got dressed. Eventually I picked up my flat iron and ironed out my hair. I finish. I walk away. A few minutes later I want to blow out my hair just a little more and the blow dryer doesn’t work. I tinker and tinker. Then I noticed I had melted my hair dryer. The off/on button had melted away and part of the cord. Boy did I feel silly and sad.

Then I started humming the Pixies’ song “where is my mind” Indeed where had my mind gone. Where are all our minds? While I may have been distracted. Many in society have completely gone off the rails. Mass conspiracy stories abound. Collective amnesia taken hold.


In the United States there is this national election coming up. Apparently, according to researchers, both Democrats and Republicans are stressed out by the election. This a high anxiety society. Lots of stoves are bound to be left on, keys stored in the cookie jar, and bills forgotten to be paid.

I welcome your thoughts

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