Mellow Yellow, Straight Edge Day, year?: That’s not 2016


We have 75 more days left in the year of 2016 and it has been a wild, wild ride thus far.  It has felt at times like we were adrift in the great ocean in just a little kayak in which to survive. And we still have 75 days left. Who knows how 2016 will end?

Did you know that today, also marks the national Straight Edge Day that marks a subculture of punk music that abstains from drugs and alcohol and possibly all things rock ‘n roll. I can tell you that nothing in this year has been straight edge. This has not been a mellow yellow kind of year.  It has been more like the fiery red monkey of the Chinese Calendar.  It has definitely been bananas.

(This sh*t is bananas)

Let’s review the craziness of the year.  First off, the US elections. Need I say anymore? I;ll just add that it seems Bridgegate may be coming back as well. Oh my. Then we have crazy, menacing spooky clowns in forests, cities and just across the globe. Where did this clown craziness come from? Then again, why should it not occur this year?

There was also very sadly several terrorist attacks from Brussels to Orlando making some out there scared to go to a nightclub.

We lost Prince. I definitely see that coming.  I do not believe many others saw this coming either.  Such sadness to see the passing -early passing- of a legend.

There was also the Pokemon Go nuttiness where people resigned from their jobs so that they could play Pokemon around the world. Say what?   Some people find Pokemon to be a good video game as it gets kids to get off the sofa. Yes, and straight into traffic as they are not paying attention to the world around them (still).  Even scientists got into the crazy, exclaiming that Pokemon Go may even help prevent Type 2 diabetes.  I don’t believe that one.

Sadly, Brangelina broke up and it got super ugly with accusations of abuse and drug use. Who would have thought Brad Pitt marrying bad girl Angeline Jolie would end up in such a fraught situation. I suppose Jennifer Aniston may have pictured that ending a decade ago.

Michael Phelps had a historic stint at the Rio Summer Olympics. However, Ryan Lochte was quite a disgrace with a weird, burglary story. Who knew that Kim Kardashian would have the true being robbed at gunpoint story.

This year is not over and who knows what will even happen today that will bewilder us further. It may be that we ask ourselves how much more can we take?



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  1. What’s so lovely about the internet is that if you stay away from news sites, most of the above doesn’t touch you at all and you have a wonderful life. 2016 was full of satisfying personal discoveries and serendipity for me.


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