Mustering sympathy for Kim Kardashian: The world can be a better place

Over a week and a half ago, Kanye West literally dropped the mic on stage to attend to a family emergency. The crisis being that Kim Kardashian, his wife, had been gagged, bound and held at gunpoint in her Paris hotel. As the reporting goes, over a million dollars in jewels were stolen from her that night. Then the commentators and comedians  went to town.

Let me start off by stating the following. Remind me to not stay at her hotel if I’m ever in Paris. Of course, I’d first have to know the name of the hotel which has been dubbed the “no address hotel”. Then, I would have to be able to afford it. At most, the jewelry I’d be carrying with me would total about $1,000. And I’m cool with that. As I would prefer to save my money for other luxury ticket items. I would be willing to bet that the “no address hotel” will soon be losing its cache.

Besides the hotel not being up to its high-end hype there is also the fact that Kim Kardashian posts her every move on twitter and instagram and thus many people out there in the world know what her jewelry looks like. There are many haters out there in the world and when you post all your life’s luxuries without a care in the world some people may get riled up.  [If this were Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I would be turning to the camera about now assuring you that I will get to the sympathy part I promised at the outset.]

Apparently, the robbery  incident was an inside job. It was one in which someone with intimate knowledge of her whereabouts and security details may have been involved. Ouch. That hurts. Someone within her entourage may have turned against her. That is where I start to have some sympathy for her. It hurts to be betrayed. It can rock someone to their core. She pays people to protect her.  But how much are people really willing to put on the line for her? Or for anyone else? Sure, for the President of the United States, I’d put my life on the line. That’s patriotism, right? But what about so-called bratty celebrities? How secure can they feel?  I have never watched the HBO show Entourage. I do imagine, however, that outside of a core set of individuals it must be hard to trust the many that may hand around.  Supposedly, she has spent most of her time in her house since the incident afraid to step outside. She may be having flashbacks and feels afraid to be alone in the house. She is probably now caught between fearing for her life and wanting no one around and wanting someone around. That right there is enough to feel sympathy for her.


Here is the other bit. She is human. Yes, she may be narcissistic and to blame for the whole horrible selfie movement. Doesn’t mean she shouldn’t receive our compassion. Many people out there took to Twitter and Instagram, the very mediums, she perfected, to mock her. Many even doubted the whole account and accused her of faking it all as part of a publicity stunt. It hurts to be doubted when we are injured. Why take such delight in bringing her further down? Everyone, including Saddam Hussein, deserves to be left with  a shred of dignity. Well, maybe not Saddam. Ah, sure. Perhaps I should use High Grant as a better comparison. Maybe that doesn’t work either as he was caught doing something “bad”. All Kim Kardashian did was become a “victim.”  I even hate using that phrase these days. Victimhood sounds extremely dis-empowering and there is no need to do that either.


Look, she went through a horrific ordeal where maybe she thought she was going to die.  Can we sympathize with her on that? Perhaps in that moment all she could think about were her two babies and how she didn’t want to leave them without a mother. She may have been in a dire need for a shred of humanity. By showing her sympathy aren’t we showing our own humanity? Wouldn’t this world, indeed be a better place because of that.

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  1. She has my sympathy. Absolutely. Should she be smarter about announcing every aspect of her life. Yes. Harsh lesson learned.
    But no one deserves to be burglarized and terrorized all at once. I hope she can heal and grow from the situation. Instead of hiding and letting fear win. That would be the ultimate tragedy here.


  2. I always think ‘what would my mother do?’
    And she would say to the poor lass “Well, you’re an idiot for flashing all that bling, but you didn’t deserve that to happen to you
    Now, where’s that tea you were making, everything seems better after a cup of tea
    And all you lost was a bunch of flashy jewellery, it could have been a lot worse”
    And after that she would politely remind you of all the things she nags you about in a joking way and dad would start talking about something else entirely!!

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  3. I’m not at all a Kardashian fan, and generally I have zero sympathy for any of them. But I agree that she didn’t deserve that, and hopefully she has learned a lesson about posting her whereabouts for the world to see.


  4. Quite true Mimi! We can be more tolerant and caring, not withstanding recognising a degree of naivety.
    It is worth reading some of the comments attributed to Andy Murray regarding the well-being of the young tennis star Nick Kyrgios. Nick is young and in what is referred to as “A privileged position” ie; playing tennis. Andy has called on us to show some compassion for the personal welfare of Nick, thus understanding that no matter how you live your life, you are entitled to fair treatment.
    Thanks for this post Mimi. It is certainly needed in a world which sometimes forgets we will all need to be understood at some point for a silly act or two.B

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  5. Sometimes we need a reminder that all people, even ridiculously famous ones, still experience the same kinds of emotions when facing something traumatic. All I could think about when I first heard what happened to her was, “Oh, my god….her kids!” I know what its like to have my sense of security violated by a criminal act. And I learned some tough lessons that forever changed how I carried myself in public and private. I completely empathize with her because at the end of the day, she is still a human, a woman and a mother. Let’s hope this is a learning experience for her too.

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