Getting your day started right on Monday morning: Be witty or weird

The key to surviving Mondays or any other workday for that matter, is being an actor. Not just any actor,mind you. You need to be Jim Carey  (back when he almost was worthy of an Academy Award) in the move The Truman Show. He didn’t know this, but the mantra of his life was fake it, till you make it.  You are to smile and wish everyone you see a mighty good day even if you don’t mean it.

I challenge you this morning to say to anyone you come across as you ready to go to work “Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and good night!” See if anyone can tell that you are quoting a movie . If they do, they might think you are being witty or weird. If they can’t tell you are quoting a movie, they might think you are being witty or weird. It’s a crap shoot. So, why not? Honestly, does it matter whether you are perceived as either witty or weird?

You can be a quirky, prickly individual just like the funny cacti and plants one finds across southern California.

Here is another piece of advice for your Monday mornings. The night before (that being Sunday) go out to your local street corner and hang out for about 15 minutes or so. If you are in Los Angeles, don’t forget your pepper spray. Mine is pink and oh so fabulous. Why do this? Why not? Look, you are bound to see something weird happen and then you will have a cool anecdote to share with people on Monday morning. You will be the life of the water cooler or blackboard. You will also either be witty or weird when you start your anecdote by saying “when I was hanging out in the street corner last night…”

Why be normal on a Monday morning? Normal is boring. Normal is complaining about how short the weekend was and how long the week ahead seems to be. Normal is complaining about the latest ridiculous tweet storm by our Presidential candidate.  By starting off the week with a cheery disposition that people cannot quite label, you will completely throw people off and that is a ton of fun to do. I can assure you the day will go by faster as a result.

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