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Karma…best believe in it and don’t cut in line

“A Little Girl Seeks Revenge A Real Woman Moves On While Karma Does Her Dirty Work”


I am one of those individuals that believes in Karma. I believe what you put out in the world comes back to you. I believe that you if treat people well, you will benefit in the long term. I believe that if you are cruel or mean to just be mean, it will come back to bite you. And you know where it will bite you.

A few weeks ago, we braved SeaWorld in San Diego so that my son could have his wish come true of interacting one-on-one with a penguin.  It was hot. I was limping from my torn knee muscles. I had a knee brace on but didn’t get a motorized chair to ride on. My son was happy. Thus I was happy. But before we could interact with the penguin, we had to go stand in this long line to get our wristbands for the items we had pre-paid online. Why we had to wait in line was beyond me. Very inefficient system, if you ask me. You buy things online for such venues to bypass the lines. Otherwise, don’t charge a service fee. Ok My rant on that part is done. We were trying to get in the appropriate line. A woman ahead of us was unsure as to which line she was to get on. We didn’t rush her as she was talking to a park agent. We calmly waited. Then these two loud women started complaining about the  line not moving and decided to skip ahead of all of us. As the woman ahead of us finished her inetraction shr moved on to a different line. We then we directly behind the two women that skipped. I looked at them and told them they just skipped everyone. They decided to scold me on how the line had not been moving. I told her calmly that we were waiting for the woman ahead of us as we were decent human beings. She then sighed and said “well you can go ahead of us if you want.” Those ladies didn’t get it I just told them that I didn’t need to as they were obviously in a vast hurry to just stand in the line.


I was calm. You know why? Because of karma. These two ladies skipped multiple families. They skipped me even though I was in a knee brace and it was my son’s celebration. To me, the universe would right it. I didn’t have to see it happen. And I didn’t have to get into an argument or fight with strangers. Its not worth ruining my son’s celebration to show two women they were being ignorant.


These woman are not unique, sadly. It seems to me that everyday I encounter someone trying to get ahead, skip ahead of others. What is the point of doing that?  A man in New Zealand recently experienced this phenomenon. He was waiting patiently in line when someone cut him. He didn’t argue and just remained calm. When it was his turn he bought his lotto ticket. Guess what, he won a million dollars.   Well, actually $727,975 US.  The person that skipped him had also bought a lotto ticket. That person surely got ahead in line but apparently not in luck.

Here is a slightly different take on karma. Back in 2013, a homeless man by the name of Billy Ray Harris, had a bucket in which people could drop off donations. A kind woman dropped off some money into the bucket. Apparently she also accidentally dropped her engagement ring as well.  Billy Ray did the right thing and returned the engagement ring. When the world found out about this, donations came pouring in for him turning his life around. Someone repaired his bike. He received assistance in finding a place to live. He received close to $100,000. When interviewed about his good fortune, he noted “What has the world come to when a person returns something that doesn’t belong to them and all this happens?”

I’ll tell you Billy Ray. Its a world that has turned dark, filled with skepticism regarding the extent to which humanity still exists. It appears to many of us that there are too many people are out to get ahead, skipping through every type of line they encounter in life. When someone does something good, its cause for celebration. Perhaps over-celebration. I suppose many of us note his then-dire situation and think about how he could have kept the ring. But to what point.  I don’t know what has happened to Billy Ray since but I sure hope that his life has continued on an upward trajectory.

All this to say, don’t let a life cheater get you down. In statistics there is a concept of regression to the mean.  In statistical, psychological jargon, regression to the mean “is the phenomenon that if a variable is extreme on its first measurement, it will tend to be closer to the average on its second measurement—and if it is extreme on its second measurement, it will tend to have been closer to the average on its first.” In everyday words, it means things tend to even out over time.  For me, in psychologistmimi terms, it means things eventually work themselves out so don’t fret the small things. And for those that tend to try to skip ahead in line, just watch out…



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  1. I agree but what I find frustrating is the time involved in balancing karmic debt. Why will those people who jumped the queue not receive their dues until six months later, or a lifetime later, when it is far too long ago for them to ‘join up the dots’? Why is karma still so cryptic? Wouldn’t it be better to identify the connections sooner, learn and move on? Do we only get to reconcile with karmic debt/wrong doings when we die? How useful is that practically? And then, if we are reincarnated, it seems that for most humans on this plain, past lives is wiped clean from our memories. With the exception of some. What goes around doesn’t come around quick enough, to me We lose that window for immediate evaluation and growth. Thanks for posting.


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