I’ve got one hand on my son and the other up against the wall


For many of us in the Generation X group, we are starting to hit our stride in the world. We were lost for a while.  At times, we didn’t care. But now, we are in upper management positions and we have a bit of history on which to lean. We have always been caught in a Bermuda triangle of sorts as a generation.  Have you ever seen the film Reality Bites? That’s a classic Generation X film.  I was never that enthused by it but understood that it was meant to represent me at a certain point in time. It was a time where idealism ran into realism and it became an MTV celebrity claymation deathmatch  fight. I have yet to re-watch the movie Reality Bites. I have lived my own reality and probably don’t need their version of what a Gen Xer is like.

I did recently re-watched the movie Singles and found that it was not as brilliant as I had thought it was when it first came out. The grunge scene just doesn’t hold up as well. All I remember from that movie is that if you sneeze and someone doesn’t bless you, you may not want to be romantically involved with that person. Well, that is, if you were considering such an entanglement.  But at this point, I have severely digressed. And that, my friend, is yet another sign of being part of Generation X. As I recently noted, those of us that belong to Generation X have been caught up in time-framed staticness between ennui and kinetic energy.  Our train of thoughts can go from zero to 60 in a second and then back down. But where am I going with all this?

We are caught between large generations that suck up all the conversation air. When companies or fields talk about new leadership they go from boomers to Millennials often completely forgetting about the Generation X workforce.   We have to fight to be noticed. We have to claw.  We don’t see HR handbooks talking about how to cater to Generation Xers. Yet, page after page out there is on how Millennials are pampered and need to be pampered in the workforce. We are hardworkers that are caught between wanting to climb up the ladder and wanting to have that mythical work-life balance and finding that neither is really what it is cracked up to be.

We thus claw and crawl. We also as a generation have kids. We have to hold our kids’ hands while we pound the walls of the world to take notice. While we hold up the walls from coming down on us.  We also have to hold our parent’s hands as they have aged and live longer.




We did;t have a major war until we lived through 9/11 and for many of us that just stupefied us. Woke us up from our reverie. Hatred. Peace. Greed.Recession.  Those were words that belonged to the previous generations and then became ours. We often wondered where we were and where did we stand.



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  1. I am still wondering what that 1st photo is Mimi. An alligator foot perhaps? The hand of peace is rally lovely & thanks for the video, it gave me a good early morning laugh.


  2. Looked up definitions of all the different generations for reference as I’ve always wondered. Since this data resides on other computer, I can’t access it now so will just say that, as a tail end Baby Boomer, I feel your pain, especially in the workplace. At least you seem to have some objectivity about it and don’t take it personally, as I did, before I decided to just leave it behind!


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