What does it mean that I now prefer McDonald’s coffee over Starbucks?


The last few weeks, I have been wracking my brain over one big life question. What does it mean that I now prefer McDonald’s coffee over Starbucks? Here is the conclusion I came to: I didn’t like coffee for a long time, then had shots, then went fancy and then just needed fuel.

Now let me back into this premise.

I recently took a Buzzfeed quiz that advises you as to which city you should live in based on your coffee preferences.  Sadly for me, it noted that I should live in New York City. Yes, I know that already. But for now, I will be an LA girl. One day I will go back to my beloved New York. Per Biuzzfeed’s talented, all-knowing quiz masters, I’m smart and ambitious, and that cup of coffee is just necessary, delicious fuel to get me through the hustle and bustle of the day. Thus, New York City is the place for me as I need to be surrounded by people who move at my pace. That is indeed very true .However, I have come to appreciate the LA walking style which is very minimal but is in perfect weather with a nice dose of sun.

I decided to to take the quiz again and I then got Barcelona, a city in which I have already lived and wouldn’t mind doing it again.  It telling me that I should live in Barcelona, it noted that I’m a true creative  person and that I  need a city that will continually expand my artistic horizons. Apparently I also love trying new things, from weekend adventures to new, exciting coffee blends. Sure, I will try new coffee blends. I will drink any coffee because I need it. I went from being a bit snobby about my coffee preferences to just wanting to drink it to set my day.  Coffee now nourishes my soul.

I love sitting at home and drinking my first two cups of coffee. I heat up my milk, as many Puerto Ricans do.  Have you ever tried it?  Go ahead and do so, its yummy. I drink my first cup of coffee in about two minutes. My second cup, lasts for about ten minutes. Then I go and get my third cup of coffee. That’s when I have to decide between Starbucks, McDonald’s and Coffee Bean. The one that tastes like my homebrew is that of McDonald’s. I had been skeptical when I first heard of McCafe. But then we went on a cross country road trip up the northern route. There were not that many Starbucks but there sure were McDonald’s and I still needed a latte. I tried it and got hooked. Go figure. This New York girl liked a McDonald’s latte. It was sugary and large. No fancy word for large. It was just large.

In my hectic world of non-stop work, it is nice to have a simple sugary coffee with no illusion at being “grand.”  I still like my skinny vanilla lattes from Starbucks but I need a fast-paced yet homelike coffee to roll with the times.

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  1. “the LA walking style which is very minimal but is in perfect weather with a nice dose of sun.” I am here now, leaving in a week, but got to enjoy this experience again myself. Took a walk on the Redondo/Torrance Beach bike path after lunch with a very old friend who actually lives in New Jersey but still manages property inherited from her parents in L.A.


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