Eons ago Mount Vesuvius stirred..8 years ago my baby was born

I’m going to start off with a cliché. Time flies. And clichés are based in part on reality. I stare at my son’s newborn pictures and can’t wrap my head around the fact that he is growing up. He just started third grade. When he wears sneakers his feet appear to be the same size as mine. He has wants and needs that he can express. He is funny and quirky. He is human. He is his own person.

At times, I wish I could stop time. At times, I wish I could go back in time. But I know I have to let him grow up. He must erupt into a young boy and young man. Just how Mount Vesuvius erupted on this date back in AD 79.  Interestingly did you know that Mount  Vesuvius is the only volcano on the European mainland to have erupted within the last hundred years?  But I digress. It’s my boy’s birthday and despite my sadness at his rapid growth, I am ecstatic with him to celebrate the day he came into this world.



On this day eight years ago, he graced me with his love, energy and smiles. I can’t ask for anything more in this world.  This year, as an eight year old, there will be some huge developmental markers despite the relatively little-praised eighth year. There is much hoopla around turning 5 and 7.  The age of ten is a huge milestone. Thirteen, well, I can;t think that far. The age of 8? Well, there is not much social media attention. That’s ok with me. Every year of his is a huge milestone for my own growth.

Apparently, eight-year-olds start to be able to solve problems independently.  This is huge in my development at as a mom. I will have to allow him and watch him become more independent. Hopefully, I will still be able to tuck him into bed at night. Apparently, eight-year-olds start sharing more and more of their opinions with each other.  This became wildly evident today when he came home after his first day of third grade talking about how he made a new friend based on their mutual love and discussion of Undertale. And so the American love of sharing one’s opinions on everything begins.


Did you know that eight-year-olds are able to create a complete dance sequence and then repeat it and mix it up?  I suppose I shouldn’t think he is the next Justin Timberlake if he starts busting out some cool moves. It will just be a sign of him growing older and becoming his own little person. And me learning to appreciate the world of an eight year old.  Oh my. Will I have to learn a dance sequence and make it my own? For my son I will

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  1. My darling son was still plonking himself on my lap at 14 and 15 years! It was his birthday yesterday – 35, and still as lovely as ever. Your boy looks completely adorable. You must be a proud mum x


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