How to have the perfect, psychologically fit staycation


I do not do staycations, really. I like to go on foreign vacations or cross-country roadtrips. Occasionally, around the Christmas holiday I do a small staycation right before I go on holiday vacation. I don’t want to pay the increased costs associated with going on vacation during Christmas itself. Of course, a couple of years back I went to Germany for Christmas and it was relatively affordable. I guess because it was FREEZING!!!  I had to wear three wool socks at a time.

Anyway, staycations are a funny thing to me. I have to really prepare myself psychologically for them.  For a person like me that is always on the move, staying put is hard. Especially, when to me a vacation means movement? How does one do a staycation? If I am taking hard-earned time off, why would I stay at home and have to deal with the neighbors? Because staycations are psychologically hard for me, I believe that it may be as well for others. If so, I thought I would share some tips that I have used the few times I have stayvacationed.



1. Buy a burner phone: Yes, turn off your own regular cell phone and buy a burner phone. A cheap one that isn’t smart.  This way you are not tempted into being sidetracked and tired out by the same old, same old on your staycation.

2. Hide your clocks.  I actually don’t think I own any clocks, anymore.  I use the time on my cable set. But hide your clocks. Give your mind a reprieve from tracking time.  You watch the clock at work. Don’t watch it at home. Let the days just flow.

3. Be a Tourist. Set two days for doing hometown touristy stuff, preferably in the middle of the week.

4. Pick two great recipes you want to try.  Why not? Learn to cook a new meal or two and treat yourself to something you could actually spend time on.

5. Prepare to binge watch for hours on end after 8pm. Nothing more fabulous than binge watching until the wee hours of the morning. My go: Dirty Dancing and all the Mission Impossible movies.

6. Pull an all nighter. This is tied somewhat with binge watching, just stay up one night entirely. You will feel like you were back in college.

7. Keep no potato or tortilla chips in the house.  You will eat bag upon bag of them while you are binge watching. While binge watching is cool during a staycation binge eating may leave you in a foul mood.

8. Pick one household task that’s been on the back burner. Thus may not seem fun and may sound counterintuitive. But your sense of happiness at a comprising a longstanding task will be grand.

9. Make sure you have “me” time. Take a bath, exercise and in general do things for you. Just for you.

10.  Go outside in your pajamas. Why not? It will be so liberating. Your mind and body will feel free. Sure, this may work on Los Angeles more than other places but give it a shot.

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  1. I work a 24×7 job so a staycation sounds like heaven … Still I usually take a long lunch and half Sundays when I can sneak them in put my phone on do not disturb and watch Loki make a fool outta Thor. Avengers and CA: The winter soldier are my favs 😊


  2. 11. Ladies, go braless in the garden, dudes, go commando. It makes harvesting tomatoes almost prurient.

    12. Booze. Booze in your coffee, booze in your ice cream, booze in your booze.

    13. Sex. Try the fun one this time. Stretch first.

    14. Walk around the house naked. This is more fun if your spouse joins you, less fun if you have children. Or a friendly dog.

    15. Road trip. Fill up the tank, pack snacks, forget the map, and drive. See what’s over there. Stop the car frequently to get out and take pictures of landscapes, cows, bums, whatever your area offers. Come home and reward yourself with a #12/#13 combo.


  3. Good stuff. Loved all the suggestions for a staycation. When the kids were young, staying at one place was so much easier than travelling with them. After that part of my life, I could never imagine staying in one place more than a couple of days, and never did. Too boring to not move. I’m on a perpetual staycation. Retired.


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