Animal smiles to light up one’s day


Do you believe that animals can smile? That animals purposefully smile? I do. I have no doubt at all that animals can signal happiness and pleasure to us. And, there is nothing cuter or more touching than experiencing an animal smile.
My dog Milo was quite a diva and he had a fabulous crooked-teeth, under-bite smile. When he gave me a silly grin, my world got infinitely better.  I loved that dog with all my heart. Always will. I will always be able to look back at those smiling times of his.


In the elevator today I came across a bulldog that had the most awesome overbite and pseudo-smile. I could not help but smile and want to grab his cheeks. I know he was smiling at me. I smiled back and my day was off to a great start.



Smile, precious being

You bring joy and perspective

Soul not unhappy


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