You know you are in LA when…Botanicas and wine co-exist


I have now been in Los Angeles exactly six months and I think I am getting the hang of it. I know to add an extra 20 minutes to any commute, to expect meetings to start about 10 minutes late (if lucky) and that regardless of neighborhood type I will sadly come across homeless individuals camped out in tents.  Los Angeles is not as glamorous as television shows portray it to be and it is not as crazy dangerous as the national news makes it out to be. Although, I do have to admit that I find there to be more local shootings than in new York City. I do not have any statistics to back me up on that. It is just my perception.

Anyway, after six months here, everyone keeps asking em if I like living in Los Angeles. The short answer is “Yes.”  As a die-hard New Yorker I can readily live in Los Angeles while I could not do so in San Francisco.

Here are a few things that I have come to recognize make Los Angeles, Los Angeles.

  1. No matter time of day or day of week (even 9am Sunday) there will be traffic.  It is what it is. I get antsy but what can one do? Sure, I use Waze and it truly is helpful and I highly recommend it. But it only helps to make traffic less bad. No matter what you will find yourself stuck in traffic. Get good music and take work phone calls in the car. Everyone is doing it.
  2. You will get contact high through walking, driving or riding an elevator. This is not Colorado but you wouldn’t know it. Get my drift?
  3. This is the land of diversity.  I attended a Muslim-Jewish event in Koreatown. A few neighborhoods over, it is little Bangladesh and the majority of residents therein are Mexican.  In that vein, it pays to know and speak Spanish here.
  4. Helicopters rule the sky. I am a New Yorker that lived near the World Trade Center (AKA Ground Zero) and who worked near the Empire State Building. If you saw a low flying plane, you got worried. After 9/11, planes just could not go very low. Here in Low Angeles I am constantly startled by not only the low-flying planes but also the enormous number of helicopters flying above. I am often left to wonder is it Kobe Bryant up there or is it the police looking for a newly escaped prisoner? It’s anyone’s call.
  5. Everyone loves saying you can go both skiing and to the beach in the same day in LA but hardly anyone ever does it. You know why? The traffic! Plus people are really wedded to their respective neighborhoods.
  6. Food trucks are a blessing. They just are. They are everywhere and they are awesome. They are sometimes a bit pricey but it helps a lot of people be entrepreneurs. . HOWEVER, I will NOT try fish from a food truck on a 95 degree day. Not going to do it.
  7. Supermarkets are amazing here. They have bars and botanicas in them. You seriously can’t beat that. Get wasted and buy some candles to ward off the evil eye all at the same time and just head up upstairs back home. What more can a New York girl ask for?
  8. The city is one piece of artwork canvas. Art is everywhere. The people are art. The buildings are art and covered in art. The murals are outstanding; with many being so meaningful.
  9. There is always a newstory going on or being covered. Yet, the morning newscasts can’t truly be called news. If you have never seen an LA newscast, I invite you to watch this clip.  I love the local newscast guy. His facial expressions are awesome and their stories are fluffy beyond belief. I think they cover Hollywood stories more than  world news events. Sometimes, that is ok.


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  1. I love your perspective on life in Los Angeles. I grew up there and I actually did surf in the morning and snowboard in the afternoon once… only once! But that was back in the early 90’s so traffic wasn’t quite as horrible, although it was still bad.

    I’m happy you are enjoying Los Angeles!


  2. I’d be willing to bet that that guy is NOT an L.A. native or hasn’t lived there for very long! Google Kent Shocknek’s reaction to a strong aftershock to the deadly 5.9 1987 Whittier Narrows earthquake to see a more “professional” reaction, or at least the more natural native’s reaction. The threat of falling studio lights forced Shocknek to take cover under his set’s anchor desk for several seconds as he continued reporting about the ground- and studio movement.


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