Bucket list hero


She often sat at her green chair rocking the day away. She would jot down her thoughts in her little notepad that she kept on the side coffee table table. She had written over 200 poems. She was hoping to compile them and get some online Amazon account where she could self-publish. She had spent year upon year just writing with the hopes of getting her words out there. She would play her favorite music and let her mind wander as to where it needed to go in order to get the words out onto paper. In the corner, were all her notebooks. All her words of despair, happiness and sadness were all floating about in the barrel.

She wondered when she would get the call. She had at all day waiting for that call. She wished she could be like Batman and  instead get flashing bat signals from throughout the city.  She couldn’t wait anymore. She knew she had to act. What was it that the kids these days were saying “you only live once. YOLO.” She shook her head. Why was there a need for everything to have an acronym?  That irked her tremendously.

She grabbed her gear and headed out to her garage. She lifted the trap door and headed down. She walked as quickly as she could. She knew the urgency of the situation. It was with heavy heart that she always set out on these missions. She got to the point where she needed to be and she climbed out.

bucket list hero


The road was empty except for an object way back. Ahead of her, she saw nothing. But she knew what she had to do. It was time to save them all.

She just stared.

mom, are you awake? Mom, are you ok?”

Her pen fell silently.


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