She has seen the wizard many times


She sat at her desk going through the latest project projections. She had a hard deadline to meet and no one to help her get through this emotionally.  She had a team to help staple, collate and run around like headless chickens.  But she was alone inside. That sounded silly to her. Of course, she was alone inside. Unless, of course, she might have yet another tapeworm. That is what she gets for traveling to far away places and drinking the local water. She had to travel that far away. She needed to get away. Traveling locally only meant that she could still be tracked down. Her blackberry would still work if she stayed around. Who still uses a blackberry?  Did everything have to be so yesteryear? Where were the innovators around her?   She had heard so much about this generation being so forward thinking but instead they were all backwards. They just wanted to sleep and binge. They would binge on selfies, ego trips and television shows. What a life of excess yet so empty.

She stared at the silly painting she got in some bizarre rundown market in the middle of who knows where. Was it Mongolia? Probably not.  She had lost track.


photo fiction 40


Everywhere around her were minefields of egos and backstabbers. She was repeatedly told to go seek a mentor who could help her navigate this brave new world. What mentors? People didn’t have time for mentoring. Plus, when people did try to mentor they were idiots. They were the small man behind the curtain. No thanks. No mentorship needed there.

After reflecting on this crazy life, she went to her desk and pulled out her weapon of choice. It was time to follow her orders, put the new project in play and protect the simpleton.

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