I didn’t even vote for myself



I have a confession to make. I was asked to run for a elected officer position with an academic association that I had been affiliated with for a while.  I am too busy with work, family and life in general to take on yet another task. Especially for a group of people that actually do not fully get what I do and don’t appreciate it. They are a bunch of academics and don’t tend to get the real world too much. I have sat in meetings with them as they espouse the latest research (usually their own) and when someone tells them that in more applied, real-world settings the research findings may not be so relevant, they look shock. I was shocked that they asked me to run for an officer position with them. I asked them if they were sure that they wanted me, ostensibly an outsider to, to be part of their inner circle.  They assured me that they did.


I then did the bare minimum amount of work on my candidate profile packet. I put together my platform and statement in about 20 minutes. I sent it in and didn’t think about it until I got a congratulations email.  When I opened that email I thought “D‘oh! Now what?”  I had put no effort into this. None at all. I will confess that I didn’t even bother to vote for myself. I  also had not renewed my membership fees. How much more of an outsider that was disconnected from the group could I have been?  It begs to question, why would anyone have voted for me?


In that moment, I think I felt like Trump or was it Bernie?  I was the accidental candidate and winner. I didn’t belong to the group. I was a complete outsider and I literally wasn’t a member. It must be so strange for both Trump and Bernie to have gotten this far. Both seem to be accidental outsider candidates. Trumps children didn’t even vote for him as they were not registered (well, that is just stupidity). I am sure that at some point Trump must have noted to himself “holy crap, this is for real.”

At this point I am considering my options. I have not been an elected to a position that would suffer if I didn’t take it up. I am one of several. I suppose I can honor my commitment. And probably will.  I think I just have to learn from this and think about whether I truly ever want to run for something again.  I think if I ran for New York City Mayor I would indeed vote for myself.






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