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How wanting to be with my son lessened my fear of flying


I have never really liked flying despite having a job that required me to travel for ten years.  One could argue  I was a bit of a masochist. I not only hated flying, I feared it. I hate the takeoff most of all. The first 10 minutes of a flight just set me into a fear tailspin where I picture everything that can go wrong.  As a result I try to not have a window seat.  I watch endless television shows on my iPad to distract myself.  This has been a long, long anxiety-ridden yet fun 10 years as I have gotten to see the world.

For the 16 months, I have been flying on either a weekly or biweekly basis. That is an awful lot of accumulated miles and elite status qualification. I am looking to a completely free Thailand trip, as a result, in the near future.  Sadly, the bulk of my elite qualifying miles are on American Airlines and that means I will go to Thailand for free but feel like a mistreated sardine in the process. What can I do? It is what it is. Honesty, are there any good airlines left? Some airlines may not lose you luggage (which is a plus), and others may have a good on-time departure percentage. However, there is always something wrong and that can include the other passengers.  There are certain airlines I will not fly because the passengers tend to be horrible. You know what I mean.


Despite my lukewarm relationship with the airlines, I need to travel extensively and constantly.  First, I was in San Francisco while my family stayed in New York.  Then I was in Los Angeles, while they were in San Francisco. It has been quite a year.  With these constant trips my fear could have intensified as they did over the past ten years.  However, because I have been traveling home to my baby, the fear has gone to the back of my mind.  I still do not like the first 5 minutes of the takeoff. The shakes, the spins and the rapid descent leave me wondering. However, now when I experience turbulence during the flight I do not have an automatic sense of doom. I do go on alert but I keep my blood pressure from rising and I keep my mind from going to super dark places. Now, I just have to consider each flight as if I am going home to see my beautiful, smiling son.



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  1. Enjoyed your post, Mimi, and your “enthusiasm” about flying. I’m sure your thoughts and feelings are mirrored by so many flying passengers. But, the reason for your recent flying is TOP NOTCH! Best to you and your son. 🙂


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