Can ghosts exist in a new building?



I just moved into a new skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles. Many of the other buildings around my new digs are new as well. However, there were buildings here before. There were warehouses and factories, for example.  There are still many warehouses and factories in Los Angeles, which has been quite a shock to my preconceived notions of Los Angeles. LA is an extremely industrial city amidst all the Hollywood glamour. There were also many old hotels here that have come and gone and that remain; with the Biltmore being one of them.  When the United States went into a great depression, Los Angeles also got hit hard with apparently many suicides dotting the city. According to folkorists, the Alexandria Hotel is filled with ghosts galore.  The movie Se7en was filmed at the Alexandria Hotel which gives it an added spook factor.

Now, I am in a new building in Los Angeles and as such it shouldn’t be spooky. However, it is near the Alexandria Hotel and there have been three times now, I thought I saw a ghost in my new digs.  Yes, I thought I saw one in the bedroom.  The question is can a ghost exist in a new building.  I asked around and most people feel that ghosts cannot exist in new buildings. My question is why not?  There are many old buildings nearby. The ghosts could have gotten tired of hauntings those old buildings and wanted an upgrade.  Instead of an old cracked tub they may prefer to haunt an ultra-modern shower.  I think I would.


My new building replaces what was formerly a parking lot; just like everything else in LA. Parking lots probably have a ton of weird history to them with shed tears, divulged secrets and naps. Oddly, there are so many people in California who nap in their cars during the workday. I am sure some ghosts sprang up from that history. Many of the skyscrapers in downtown LS have helipads. I would think some ghosts would hitch a ride from helipad to helipad.  As a result, the ghost corridor is probably a vibrant phenomenon down here. In turn, I do believe that new buildings can have ghosts.








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