A curly girl’s must have items: Drano, dustbuster, and a thick skin


Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a love-hate relationship with my hair. My mom didn’t have a clue how to comb curly hair and thus my hair often became an entangled mess.   It was once so bad, that my local hair stylist (meaning a young woman with a pair of scissors working out of her apartment window) had to cut my hair super short. I hated short hair. I still do. However, long curly hair is tricky. Phenomenally tricky.  Until recent;y, it seemed like most hair products were for those who have straight hair.  The irony being that the ’80s was fraught with horrible perms that women got in order to have curly hair for a bit. Did they really believe that curly-hair looked that way?


Curly hair is not for the weak of mind or spirit. There is psychological research out there that bad hair day phenomenas are real and they have a real impact on our psychological well-being.  A bad hair day can literally send us into a downward spiral.  If that is too much for you too handle, straighten out those locks.  That’s ok. Let’s face it- we all can’t be Shirley Temple and star in a success movie named Curly Top and have a cocktail (well, mocktail) named after us.  Nonetheless, she ended up going from successful child star (based in part on her curls) to serving as an ambassador. If you have the curly locks, use them!

Now, if you like having curly hair. Here are a few items for you to possess to help you get through the day-to-day life of being a curly haired girl.

 1. Drano. Yes, no curly-haired girl can live without drano. My bathtub and my sink get clogged up with my curly hair. Sounds horrible to say, but it is the truth.

2. Dustbuster.  My curly hair can be wild and it gets everywhere. I shed like a Pekingnese. Imagine how my house looked like when my pekingnese dog and I shared a space. He has been dead three years and we still find his hair around our items.   Thus, there is a mots definite need to have a dustbuster readily handy and charged at all times.

3. Lotion. Believe it or not hand lotion helps moistens one curly hair better than most products -even those that are astronomically priced because they are supposedly so great for you.

 4. Flat-iron. Every once in a while you want to mix it up. Tight curls can be really hard to straighten but it is fun, at times, to try.

  5.Scarf. Whether you just got your hair done or it is just a regular day, always carry a scarf that you can throw on should it be super hot or rainy. If it is super hot, your hair will frizz. Protect it as much as you can. If it is raining, curly-haired women don’t get so anxious. However, you then have to finger-comb your hair. Why give yourself extra work. Carry a scarf.

6. Lint brush. The same way you need a dustbuster you need a lint brush. Not much more to say here.

7. An easy button. Have you seen those “easy button” commercials? It would be great if the powers that be created one specifically for curly haired girls. Just saying.

8. A mask that mimics that Look Leonardo DiCaprio gave to Lady Gaga. You know the look! You give it to those that complain about their boring straight hair or who insult curly hair. I once was talking to friend while we were watching television. There was a Pantene commercial on. For some unknown, ridiculous reason, I gleefully noted that was my shampoo and conditioner.  My so-called friend looked at me and said “then why doesn’t your hair look like that?” D’uh The commercial featured a woman with glowing, long straight here. My hair will never look like that and nor does it have to. I didn’t have  goodbye comeback to my friend’s remarks because they were so outrageously spiteful. If she were to say that again to me nowadays, I would have a few choice words as well as that Leonardo DiCaprio look.






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