Why, Oh Why: Alfalfa Sprouts Haunt Me


This morning I woke up thinking about how I an just never eat Alfalfa Sprouts.   They haunt me. But let me get back to that in a second.

I am afraid of German Shepherds. I believe all dogs are beautiful and good. That it is bad owners that exist.   However, I am afraid of German Shepherds. A long time ago, my family had such a dog. One day he went crazy and bit a chunk out of my grandmother’s thigh.  I remember her piercing screams. At that point in time, I stopped liking German Shepherds. Because my love of dogs is so grand I thought I could get over my dislike of those specific dogs.  Then one day, I was walking my 20 pound Pekingese and a German Shepherd was being walked towards us. He signaled he was friendly by lowering himself. In that moment, I forgot my fear and thought to myself what a gently creature. I let us get closer to that german Shepherd and then it lunged for me. My Pekingese, despite being small, showed he was mighty and willing to protect me at all costs. He lunged back.I pulled him towards me and got in front of him. We were quite a sight I am sure. Despite my fear in that moment, I look back at the moment with love. Love for my dog that showed unconditional love towards me. In that moment, both our instincts, were to protect each other. Now while I can look back at that moment with love, it also reminds me that I just don’t like German Shepherds. When I saw that they deploy them at the Austrian Airports, I wanted to leave that country fairly quickly.

I am haunted by German Shepherds. I am also haunted by the fact that Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire during a Pepsi commercial he was filming.   It may sounds weird. However, often when I flat iron my hair I think of that incident and hope that my hair doesn’t get caught on fire. I try to figure out how I would deal with such an incident if it were to happen to me. Despite thinking of this from time to time, I haven’t come up with a solution other than dipping my head under water. Sounds about right?

Alfalfa Sprouts

When I think of all these things that haunt me, I inevitably go back to thinking of how much I hate Alfalfa sprouts. They seem innocuous enough. They are tiny.  But they get stuck in between one’s teeth. That, however, is not why they haunt me. Here is the thing. After many trips to the emergency room with food poisoning, I try to avoid anything that will once again cause such a situation.  Alfalfa Sprouts just always make me think about  food poisoning. Just this week, E. Coli was linked again with Alfalfa Sprouts.  Again!  They are often linked with salmonella outbreaks. Why ever eat them? They don’t add anything really taste-wise.  No, no alfalfa sprouts for me. thank you.


I think I now need a glass of wine. …Luckily that doesn’t haunt me yet.


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  1. Alfalfa sprouts have very little going for them. I guess they should garner more respect but how can that be when they are so yucky and, as you rightly point out, often linked to dodgy tummies.
    What is this penchant for under-matured veggies anyway? Baby Spinach, Baby Carrot, Alfalfa Sprouts; can’t we wait long enough to see these things become adults of their kind.
    P.S. Maintain the frizz Mimi, the seventies are once again upon us.B

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