Every Friday and Monday I am in different seasons of my life


Living in two cities in the west coast is like living in two mystical time zones. Los Angeles and San Francisco are so completely different from one another they should essentially be in different states.

Foggy …. Sunny

Lukewarm ….Hot

Overpriced …. Slightly expensive

Faux diversity ….. Diversity

Every Friday and Monday I travel from one city to the other. I am in different states of mind. I am in different seasons of my life.

In San Francisco, I am in my past. In Los Angeles, I am in my now. Between them, I should find my future. San Francisco is a place where I dipped my toe and found a new platform. Los Angeles is where I am taking big strides having to take a claim or two.  Psychologically I am in two different places.

I can appreciate the beauty of San Francisco and its smallness. I can also appreciate the grit and glamour that co-exists in Los Angeles. In San Francisco, I stand out. In Los Angeles, while still different, I fit in.

Downtown Los Angeles, where I decided to live in for the moment is experiencing a renaissance. I am experiencing a rebirth. In San Francisco, I learned to be the boss. In Los Angeles, there is no doubt.

I cannot even begin to explain how it feels like I am so divided.  Makes me wonder if this is how we now live.  We live with one foot planted in the present while still moving forward. Many of us no longer think we are going to stay in one place for too long.  Instead of laying down roots, we plant seeds for dispersement. Just moving and moving while our brains try to catch up. Where is home? What season of life am I in?

As illustrated below pictorially, I have gone through a foggy road and rough waters to a beautiful sunset amidst a burgeoning skyline to a shimmering sea (sort of speak).



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  1. Something close to my heart Mimi. I too reside in two different places.
    One of the great benefits of this type of living, is the simplicity of space utilisation. There seems little need for a grand residence when only 3-4 days of each week would be spent in it.
    Climate, should hours of flexibility be available, is a real bonus. Moving from one home to another, offers relief from heat or cold depending on preference. Above all, there is a high degree of gratitude for the freedom which is available. Many people are bound to not only one city but one small plot, which could be mind numbingly depressing.
    Alas speaking of other small plots, when we each take up residence in the one attributed to our post-living selves; we may look with envy upon the vast planet to wit we have open wandering above.B


    • Indeed. I realized I didn’t need that much in my LA residence and I am perfectly fine with that. Its simple but complicated at the same time. i no longer know how to answer where is home…But for ow, Im cool with that.


  2. Have you seen the commercials shown in other states to promote California tourism? I think the way you’ve described your situation, including the commute times as well as the descriptive words and pictures, would make a great ad for anyone who might want to develop all aspects of themselves while remaining in a small geographical area. You have truly captured the variety of my native state here. PS Kobe Bryant is now finishing out his long career as a superstar with the L.A. Lakers. He has not played for any other team.


    • Yes, I used to laugh at the California cheese commercials we saw on the east coast. But now having been to 49 out of 50 states, the cows in California may indeed be happier. However, the facts that skid row is really extensive and really t/o the whole city is nowhere near what people out east think about Cali.


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