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Lupercalia Ecstasy: She was just a face at the side of the crowd


Her eyes were tightly closed and moving quickly in different directions.  This is where she spent about 20% of her time, as did most adults. However, she wanted to spend more like 50% of her time just like when she was a baby.  Those must have been good times, if only she could remember them. To regress, to regress, to regress.

She ran towards to jubilant crowd. The roars were deafening and goose-bump thrilling. She ran and skipped and hollered.  There they were. The men’s faces were filled with ecstasy as they sacrificed a few goats and dogs. Oh, why the dogs?  The men grabbed some knives and sheared the skin off the sacrifices. They then pelted the women. She stood back from the crowd. Was she one of them? What was to be to her role in this festive time? Everyone was drunk and naked. Yet she stood clothed and sober. she was always the odd duck. She really had to learn to be part of the team and the crowd. She would inevitably be happier if she just became one of the many.  Standing to the side and documenting it all just led to loneliness. The women getting pelted would become fertile and be lonely no more.

She found the one in the crowd. She walked over and shed all fears.


Her eyes twitched. Her body starting shaking uncontrollably.  The machines recorded everything but not her visions. They all stared at her and prodded her. She opened her eyes in horror. She couldn’t move her hands as they were clasped to each side.

“What did you see?”

I can’t remember. But I know it was my past and even my present.”

They injected the drip and her eyes closed again.








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