Despite B.O.B, Do I really want to clone myself?


This past month, a rapper that I had never heard of before by the name of B.O.B (not to be mistaken for Bob) declared that the earth is flat and that celebrities are being cloned. I think (although it is a bit convoluted) that he believes that celebrities that suffer from sudden death or celebrities that have tattoos get disappeared and sent to a cloning center. I don’t understand why they would be sent to a cloning center. But that is neither here nor there. Just a few weeks back before that, another animal got cloned. Cloning does hold some appeal to me. I too had thought my dog should be cloned as I miss him so tremendously.  Cloning seems to be a way to blunt grief.  Yet experiencing grief in our own skin and mind grows us in a way that a clone would not.  I don’t think I would trade that grief and love I experienced for my pet for a science fiction version of him.   Does that mean I don’t need some form of cloning?

I have been frequently advised that I need a clone of myself.  There are times when I am in three meetings at the same time. No joke. For instance,just last week  I had a face-to-face meeting in my office, a quick check-in meeting on my cell phone and another call on the office landline. I felt like I was swirling. For one call, there were decisions to be made. For the other call, I had to dissuade someone and move them on from a proposal. For the face-to-face, I had to listen to a dry overview from a know-it-all. It was enough to make me want to drink both my coffee and my Coke Zero simultaneously. Which I ended up doing. In that situation, I could have used a clone. Except that I do like drinking coffee and soda together.

Having a clone seems like a great situation when you think about getting items checked off from a to-do list. However, does it make sense psychologically to have a clone? They get to experience things that you should.  Having a clone doesn’t mean having a shared consciousness. Or at least not the ones I have read about in the news. The cylons in BattleStar Galactica did not have a shared consciousness. They each had distinct personalities as well.  What would be the point of having a clone then?  While I want to outsource, at times, my ever-growing list of things I need to do a daily basis, I don’t want to outsource my emotions, thoughts and connections.  I am not convinced that cloning is truly the answer to our modern-day problems of being overworked and having a decreased work-life balance.  I am not even a fan of that phrase of work-life balance.  If I am doing a job I really love and have high level of commitment to, is there really such a need for work-life balance?  Not necessarily. Now going back to the cylons. They did in Battlestar Galactica, have some connection with each other as clones.  There was some psychic connectivity. However, to me that would not be enough.  Even the mundane events in life are to be fully experienced. Each bit makes us truly who we are. Why outsource that?


Now, that robot thing? Let’s think about that…..



I welcome your thoughts

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