Fleshing versus flushing it out: My pet peeve for the day

2015-10-11 13.31.23

We all have pet peeves. We hate to see someone double dipping. We hate people who talk in the movie theaters. We hate when people walk around an office with an active bluetooth for hours on end.  Something else that irks me: people interchanging fleshing and flushing out an idea. Who flushes out an idea unless its crappy? Seriously! If you have an idea that needs a bit more to it then you flesh it out. You know, you put meat on it. That is where the idea of fleshing out comes from.  If you want to grow an idea why would you flush it? Want to send out your newly hatched ideas out with the fishes?  Do you think the idea will grow in the toilet-filled bacteria? Ok, I maybe now see your point.  But wait, we have been warned to not flush out our antibiotics because of its impact on the environment. Do we want to flush out our ideas as well?


Now, if you are playing hide and seek, maybe you flush out your fellow players.  You know, that is what you do with birds in a tree. Flush them out. You want to get rid of your any or rodent problem you flush them out of their hiding spots.


Here is the deal, if you idea is crappy go ahead and flush it out. If your idea is good, flesh it out.


Rant over. Dropped the mike.

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  1. My dear departed mother-in-law was a formidable woman. She was very old, tiny and needed a granny-mobile to get around, but that never slowed her down. Misuse of apostrophes was her pet peeve, so when the local shop changed hands and all the signs saying “our special’s this week”,”apple’s”, “carrot’s” and the like disappeared she remarked to the young girl serving her that the usual apostrophes seemed to be missing from the shop. Panic-stricken, the poor girl ran down the back, shouting “I’m sure we have some in the store-room, just wait!”.

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