Thank you for being an a$s


Just beat it
No one wants to be depleted

Your contagious mediocrity is putrefying
Your baseless arrogance is stupefying
Your extreme pettiness is confining

Your false alacrity is mystifying
Your careless whisper is clarifying
Your exemplary triteness is testifying

Your jittery righteousness is  unbecoming

Your inharmonious sincerity is defining

Your fictitious persona is nauseating

But listen up

And don’t misjudge my words

Your catty comebacks fall on upturned ears
Your hostile acts fall back on you
Your attempted takedown malicious lies vacuum out your soul

I rise above your overheated air
I stand tall above your small stature
I grow emboldened ascending beyond your small realm

I will not be baited

I will not be bullied

I will not be bloodied

Thank you for being an a$s

I was strong

I am stronger

I will be unassailable


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  1. I know someone to whom this text of yours seems to apply directly! People say that person to be ‘gross’ or ‘repulsive’ . This almost geral opinion is so unfair! All those aspects that housed on his face and arrogant ways are to hidden his great suffering and fight for a new life in God’s light!


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