Breaking the silence: Axl Rose reins king and this week’s other wacky and weird news

Breaking the silence: Axl Rose reins king and this week’s other wacky and weird news


A lot of what goes well and that goes wrong in the world is the result of setting one’s self free from societal constraints and norms. Such freedom can mean going against conventional wisdom and taking a daring step and engaging in innovative measures. Other times, such freedom means that one has completely lost it and is going down a rapidly descending rabbit hole.


Axl Rose is the voice.  Who knew? A study was done to see which singer had the widest vocal range on their albums. I bet most would have ventured to guess it was Mariah Carey or perhaps Christina Aguilera.  Surprisingly it was Axl Rose former front man for Guns N’ Roses. Anyone that has done their karaoke version of “Knocking on heaven’s door” or “Welcome to the Jungle” can attest to that.


Bread man. In New York, almost every street corner serves as a podium for people’s rants and raves. London has Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park where I got a chance to do a little rant. New York every block presents such an opportunity. In the upper east side of Manhattan, Mr. David Bastar got a little wacky, getting rid of his clothes, and hijacking a bread truck.  He then acted out his inner Robin Hood by doling out the bread throughout the streets.


They are out there.   Mulder and Scully would be ecstatic. This past week, astronomers testified before Congress that aliens are definitely out there in the universe.  They noted that our chances of finding intelligence life out there is pretty high. Was that a “burn” regarding humans?


Sexy Italians.  Collectively we have wondered about the court justice system in Italy. Popular culture definitely paints a particular image.  This week, a bored couple that works at one of the courts decided to get their groove on.   Unfortunately, their sounds and shadows attracted the attention of the judge. Oops.  Talk about breaking the silence.


Life is a rave.  A party rave is made even more awesome when the cops just don’t have the manpower to put a stop to it. In tempting fate, over 2000 people showed up to dance it out at Devil’s Dyke.  They let themselves be free and the cops said ok.   Not to be outdone, apparently police in the town of Chelmsford went through the center of town blasting a KRS-One song (you know, that rap group that had a mega hot with REM in the early ‘90s). The song they were blasting was “song of da police”. That’s right coppers break that silence and boogie.


Naked violinist. The city of Portland is an interesting one that is now part of supernatural popular culture.   Thus, you really need to go all out if you are going to stand out there. Thus, a violinist decided to go play naked before a courthouse.   He just had to belt it out and for that he was arrested.


Starbucks excitement. Many people get excited at the thought of finding a starbucks In the middle of nowhere. Did I say many people? I meant me. I don’t frequent starbucks in New York as I prefer the mom and pop cafes (which are less and less nowadays) but I sure do like them when I am traveling through rural parts of the US. A skinny vanilla latte perks me up. What can I say? Speaking of perking up a police officer in New Jersey was caught masturbating at a starbucks.   Foam on his latte?


The earth speaks.   I have a thing about sinkholes. They fascinate and scare me. I believe that crocodiles are planning an uprising developing Buffy-like hell mouths throughout the world. Yes, that is my confession. In Tennessee this past week yet another sinkhole opened up and swallowed some things up.  Always be mindful of where you step.


Toodles. till next week.

shells on the sand



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