New Yorkers terrorized by a rat and a nine-month old attempted murder: this week’s weird and wacky news for me to obsess about


New Yorkers terrorized by a rat and a nine-month attempted murder: this week’s weird and wacky news for me to obsess about


Close to two decades ago, I became obsessed with monitoring the news.  I vividly remember the television coverage, and that in particular of the new news station called CNN led by Bernie Shaw and Peter Arnett, of the Persian Gulf War. I remember sitting at home transfixed by what I was catching on television. The Persian Gulf War was a heavily televised war because of the new technologies, including the concept of a 24 news hour television station, emerging at the time. I also very clearly remember CNN anchorman Wolf Blitzer covering the shock and awe campaign of the second gulf war.  It was the shock and awe war campaign.   Today, we have nonstop coverage surrounding the disappearance of Malaysian flight 360.  And, I am still transfixed.


Nowadays, I love to read the news on all my electronic devices while I am on the train, in the bath, or in tediously drawn out meetings.  I collect my favorite news stories and do a weekly post on what I found to be weird and wacky for that week. My definition of weird and wacky probably is a little different than that of many out there. However, the stories still remain in the consciousness of many.  Below are my weird and wacky stories for the week.


Murdering baby, or not.  Musa Khan, from the city of Lahore in Pakistan, is nine months old. Apparently, some felt that was old enough for him to be charged with attempted murder.  No, this is supposedly not Rosemary’s baby and no one is alleging he is the son of chucky. See, it’s a case of being at the wrong place and the wrong time. His family had him in his arms when a protest started. Someone complained to the police that the WHOLE Khan family had beat him up. Therefore, the whole Khan family was charged with attempted murder. Fret not. The charges have been dismissed against the nine-month old. Whew. Who knows how that would have played out in court. Has he even started talking yet? Talk about the right to remain silent.


Pink eye-Don’t call it a comeback. Remember the media coverage of the Sochi Olympics and how certain outlets went nuts over Bob Costa’s pink eye? Well, here we go again, perhaps. Apparently, 5% of the population of America Somoa has pink eye.   The waters are as blue as can be yet the eyes are as pink as they shouldn’t be. Who has been putting their hand in the cookie jar?


The French email revolution. A few decades (ok centuries) ago, the French lead a revolution.  You may have heard about it. Now, they are attempting to stage another one. This time, it is all about the freedom from work email after 6pm.  Apparently, a lot of people have been shackled to their work and enough is enough. I hear the IT people are wondering about the practicality of this movement for those that work in a field that does not abide by 9am-5pm rules. Now what about that poop problem?

Supposedly a rat terrorizes New Yorkers.  I grew up in the South Bronx where people used rats for target practice.  There was no mass fear. Have things changed that much? Have we sanitized Times Square and gentrified the neighborhoods to the point that people have a freak out when enclosed in a subway car with a rat? Apparently so.  Where have all the hardy New Yorkers gone?


To tweet or not to Tweet. Apparently, 44% of those with a Twitter account have chosen to not tweet. C’est la vie. Can you imagine if they did join the twitter stream and fruitfully tweeted about their day? Maybe France would propose some new law curtailing the twitter masses if that should occur. We can only hope.


There is an app for that.  Feeling a little lonely? Feeling like you just need to reach out to anyone for some interaction? How about an application that allows you to see dead people? Try to show some restraint, however, lest you end up like Wu. She used the application and ended up in the hospital.


Who hasn’t the CIA used as a torture device?  Britney and  Skinny Puppy have been there. Well, proverbially speaking that it. Their music has been used by the CIA to torture prisoners. Now, the CIA has been using the Red Hot Chili Peppers. That is what happens when you try to throw a Mofo party with some Blood Sugar Sex Magik.  Ok. Lame. I couldn’t help myself. Next.


Preserving lettuce. Have you ever seen the cartoon annoying orange? If you haven’t, only do so if you have high levels of tolerance for annoying chatter. Anyway, scientists have found a way to extend the crispy life of lettuce. The fabulousness of this cannot be underestimated. Although, I do foresee a new cartoon chronicling the life of annoying lettuce who now has a swollen head and ego. Yes, pun intended.


The cherry blossom it is not. Two years ago, I rejoiced at the fact that I not only got to travel to Japan but I also went during their cherry blossom festival time.  The beauty of that country encased in luscious pink flowers was exhilarating.   There is currently another festival underway in Japan. It is called the “Kanamara Matsuri”, aka the “Festival of the Steel Phallus.”   I must happily note that the festival raises funds for HIV awareness and prevention.


Lab-grown body parts.   First scientists extend the life of lettuce this week. Then they also grew nostrils and vaginas. Do I need to go on?  Well, here is a clip of some television news anchors not quite able to handle this newstory. Oh boy. The things they expect newscasters to report on these days.

God has a credit score.  A Russian guy named God Gazarov is suing Equifax for denying that he has a credit history. Apparently, Equifax thought God Gazarov was not real.  As the New York Post reported, not only is he real but he also wants to but an Infiniti.


Well, that is my Sunday read of the news articles. Plenty of wacky and weird things to pick. Next week will surely be more.


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