Seven and a half things to do this spring monday to feel the spring-hue happy blues

Seven and a half things to do this spring Monday to feel the spring-hue happy blues

happy spring


It is a lovely spring morning in New York today, despite it being a Monday. Indeed it is a blue sky Monday with the chubby squirrels gathering up their nuts on the picnic tables. The birds appear to be harmonizing perhaps practicing for a mid-day chirping concert. All this to say so what it is Monday and the day ahead is filled with seemingly never-ending meetings. It is a good thing to take our cues from mother nature and feel the spring-hue blues as opposed to the Monday Blue-blahs.

Here are some things to do this morning to keep the Monday blues away and enjoy the full-throttle of spring.


1. Exercise. Get up, put your shorts on, lace up those sneakers and set the coffee to brew. Go run, walk or skip before going in to work. Get that blood pumping and exercise those monday blue demons out of your body’s system. You need not do an hour-long routine. Twenty minutes should be plenty to get you going. If you are short on time, how about those seven minute workouts?

2. Jazz it or metal it up. Regardless, get some music in to your morning as well and hum along. Sing along out loud. Amazing how making those sounds will transport your mind elsewhere. Once you get going with the humming and singing, your foot will start tapping away. Your head will start nodding to the beat. This will all get your body into a positive frame of mind and a physical positive posture.

3. Daydream. Take a few minutes, breathe in and close your eyes. Allow yourself to go to your happy place. Daydream of something grand you would like to do. Allow yourself to be forward thinking and not be stuck in a moment. Mine is Hawaii eating a mixed plate with a Mai Tai. Or exploring a new country while holding my son’s hand. I’m a daydream believer. As I walk to work, I fantasize about all sorts of happy scenarios. I dream of a good lunch, a good cocktail and good data sets. Yes, I am a nerd but we all have different motivations that we should be aware of and tap into.

4. Smile. I’m not talking about faking it. Try feeling positive by tapping into your daydream, your newly released exercise energy. Think of your dog, your child, or your favorite food. Channel those warm and fuzzy thoughts into a smile. Now, I am a New Yorker so smiling at strangers can be difficult and ill-advised at times. I get that. I smile at children, dogs and other little creatures running about. Smiling can have a biofeedback effect of sorts. By smiling, I tell my body I am in a good place. Therefore, I am.

5. Remind yourself of something good that has happened. Daydreaming, as I advocate for, is great in that it can be forward thinking. Now, also allow yourself to look back and tap into something grand that has happened. Remind yourself of one good thing you have experienced.

6. Eat some fruit. If possible, eat some yummy fruit that will give you a natural high. Seriously, who can be negative with a bowl of grapes, cherries or berries. Just saying the words makes your lips purse into a smile.

7. After all this, then sit down and with a clear mindset go about doing a good job. Get one task done immediately and celebrate it. Work well done is also its own reward and bound to put a kick in your step.


Some final words of advice. Once you are in this good mental place don’t make the mistake of talking to your boss first thing in the morning. Don’t try to tackle or respond to the problem-oriented emails until at least an hour after you have arrived to work. Give yourself a chance to remain and tap into your good spring-hue blue space. Go check in with colleagues and see how they themselves are doing as a person. Maybe even skip about the office. It is ok to appear a little dorky.

Happy Monday and happy spring!



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