Obsessed over what my spam email says about me… or not: I need a vacation


What my spam email says about me… or not


I try to not take many things personally. I laugh and giggle a lot and get over arguments fairly quickly. I most assuredly hardly ever get bothered by the crazy things staff or partners have to say. The other day, I kept having communication problems with another psychologist in this network I partake in because our emails to each other kept getting quarantined. She kept calling my work number repeatedly thinking she was reaching my cell phone. She was a bit kooky for sure. She was anxious because she thought I was deleting her emails and not answering them purposefully. The issue is that my work email has decided to consider any emails that come from AOL as junk.  Her email is an AOL account and thus our lines of communications are a bit fractured. I think my company is passing judgment on the internet dinosaur that is AOL.  What I have come to realize is that my spam filters and quarantine systems are very judgmental. However, my personal and work email accounts are judgmental in very different ways.

Work email

  1. On some frequent basis my own emails to myself go to the junk email folder I keep asking the IT department to do something about this but my emails just end up in junk. I don’t think I need to dig deep here for meaning. My work email system decided to consider what I have to say to be largely irrelevant. Question now is did my boss or staff help program this?
  2. Job applicant emails often go to my junk email folder. If the junk email filter was truly discriminating in determining what constitutes a good versus bad applicant I could get behind this.
  3. Many travel-related emails such as Groupon Getaways, JetBlue vacations and Priceline price-drop alerts get sent to the quarantine bin.  Interesting that emails that could help me plan for a much-due vacation get labeled as junk.
  4. Sales emails from Bloomingdales (but not Macy’s) get sent to junk email bin all the time. I think Bloomingdales needs to figure out why Macy’s emails get through while theirs do not. Either way, I actually do not care about this one. It drives me crazy that both Bloomingdales and Macy’s claim to have sales for this day only. In this instance, the junk filter is actually working in my favor. Although, you never know when there truly is a good sale that I should be on alert for.
  5. Every email from the New York Times about their book reviews, top stories and travel recommendations get labeled as junk email. Ironically, my boss feels that it is his duty to send me the Sunday New York Times article from the business section as a way to grow professionally. I will have more to say on this the coming week.

Overall, it appears that my work spam filter is working very hard to make sure I do not get heard, that I do not enjoy a good sale, that I do not find out about travel deals and that I do not receive job applicants for open positions. Basically, my work junk email filter is actively trying to keep me wedded to the desk with no help to alleviate the work burden.  What is this? Orwell’s 1980? If I believed in conspiracy theories, I would think that my email system has been set up to make me mad crazy. Oddly, emails from fellow staff regarding lotto ticket purchases or dumb jokes don’t get quarantined away. I have actually tried to add staff to the junk email filter list and I keep getting an error message saying that is not allowed. Really? Not cool. Most definitely there are certain staff and colleagues whose emails are unnecessary, waste of brainwave and sad in how irrelevant they are.

Personal email

  1. Apparently someone out there wants to give me a lot of money. This includes barristers, Nigerians and state lotto directors. It is a very sad state of affairs that people fall for these schemes. It’s nice that my junk email filter on my personal account is looking out for me.
  2. Theatre discounted-ticket emails go to the junk email folder all the time in my personal account. Must be that my personal email account conspired with my work account to keep me from having fun. It’s all about work, work, work.
  3. I am intrigued by the emails in my junk folder that reach out for me to be a mystery shopper. Sounds very exciting and a bit like James Bond. Ok, not really. However, when I worked at the US Department of Justice, I actually signed up to serve as an undercover house hunter to see how I would be treated by realty companies as an ethnic minority.
  4. Every day, my junk email system filters out at least three emails advising me of a change in my credit rating. If only companies were truly that vigilant.
  5. I know that I have chronic pain and that no medication or treatment has worked for the last 8 months. Thus, it is so nice that the internet world is very concerned and consequently sends me email upon email regarding cheap ways to get pharmaceutical drugs. 

    My personal account emails that get triaged into the spam/junk email folders are for the most part accurately filtered out. Those emails are about scams, lies and schemes. If only work email could filter out the game of thrones like emails from fellow colleagues.


    In terms of what these spam emails say about me. Well, overall I am very overworked and have not caught a Broadway play in years. I have got to go on a vacation, spam filter be damned.


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  1. So why should your spam filter do better than mine? 😀 My wrist suffers from tenosynovitis from all the deletions of spam 😀 Go, do catch a Broadway show or have a spam-free holiday because spam seems to have tough genes which somehow find their way around the strongest of “walls” and you may never get a holiday unless you take it – be as determined as the spam 😀


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