Inconclusive: One of the worst words ever

I’m boatding a flight right now, feeling complete anxiety.  I hate flying. Really hate it. Live traveling. I pray everyday for teleportation. But the flying is not part of my anxiety.

Today, the word is inconclusive. When you have been sick for a few months and lab results come back as inconclusive and you are told your biopsied cells are being sent for molecular testing, anxiety can be overwhelming.

And, when the provider tells you they wish to see you in person, your heart rate jumps. It accelerates.

Inconclusive. Leaves too much doubt. Leaves too much to the imagination. I just want to know. And, work from there. I put lists together. I put action plans together. I don’t do waiting for an answer very well.

Breathe in and breathe out.

Breathe in and breathe out.

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  1. You might consider imagining each possible test result. Then picture how you will respond and what you will need to do for each. You can conclusively say that it will be one of these and I am prepared for each possibility. Instead of being in helpless anxiety you will have experienced each possibility in advance and visualized your way through. Nothing will be a surprise.

    It is a Stoic technique and may not work for everyone. I wish you the best.


  2. Hope it’s not one of the lifetime ones – no reason it should be, of course.

    You don’t need horror stories.

    But if it’s anything, there are support groups for almost everything, and you get a lot of questions answered in them. Saved my sanity, probably my life, too. Join one, try several out, don’t be afraid to ask for support – and to give it. You don’t have to stay, but the good ones are 24/7. SOMEONE is up in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep.

    Hope you find out soon, whatever it is. Knowing is always better. Gentle hugs.


  3. My Wife is A Very Kind an Empathic Human Being
    Dear Miriam High School is Far as She Went Yet

    She Continues to Travel

    in the World of Soul

    i Mentioned Your

    Issues to Her as You

    Are Close to Her Younger
    Age than me and Yes You Are Younger
    Than Her According to Your Chinese New
    Year of Rat Like me A Cycle Removed Anyway

    She Has No Idea Really Who You Are Other

    Than the Psychologist Lady From New York

    Whose Eclectic Creativity i Find So Inspiring

    To add Some Words to Come Around Each

    Day and in a Very Heart Felt Way She

    Said We Must Say A Prayer

    For the Lady From

    New York Today

    As She’s Had Some

    Middle of the Ages Issues
    That No Doctor Has Been Able to
    Grasp As It Took Her Years to Get
    Appropriately Diagnosed With Epilepsy Too

    As She Looks Like She Hasn’t Had a Health
    Problem Any Day of Her Life Sad Even How
    Doctors With Experience Will Judge A Book

    By Its Cover and
    Not Even Investigate

    The Pages ThiS Way

    Anyway HeART Felt Concern

    And Wishes and Hopes that May

    Be Described As Prayers From me too

    We Aren’t the Kind of Folks Who Really

    Have to Know


    To Feel the
    Anxiety and
    Pain of the World Intensely too..:)


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