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I’m a very functional morning zombie

What are your morning rituals? What does the first hour of your day look like?

I go to sleep late. I wake up early(ish). Somehow, I manage to stay up late watching odd shows, movies, or documentaries such as “How to Become a Tyrant.” No wonder some of my dreams border on the surreal. I wake up feeling a bit discombobulated, as if I were a zombie from one of my recent dreams, making my way to the living room where the dogs greet me warmly (rightly so) demanding attention.

Who can deny a dog a pet, hugs, and food in the am? Then the dogs and I contemplate for a few minutes the life challenges we face. Giving a dog a belly rub in the morning is the same as taking vitamin C or drinking calming tea. Then, as we contemplate, we turn on the television and catch snippets of the chaotic world outside our windows.

Then come the caffeine infusions. There’s green tea, coffee, and red bull. Then comes the reading of emails and my sharp, early morning responses and notices. I look at data reports and try to make sense and put forth action plans. I guide, shepard, and delegate tons of projects by 8am.

Then my son emerges from his cave. I still love seeing him get up first thing in the morning. Although, he inherited my early bird nature and then some. There are times he is up by 5:20 so that he can accomplish some tasks, walk the dog, and play some games before going to school, at which he is thriving. However, he’s more of a curmudgeonly zombie while I’m more of a sunny curmudgeon zombie.

My mom taught me to be an early riser. And, that has always stayed with me. By noon, I often accomplish way more than other people accomplish over the course of three days. Well, that is except for the days where I’m booked for one meeting after another and after another. Even in said situations, I manage to do and learn a lot. We sometimes forget we should continuously be learning. Once we stop learning while at a particular job. It’s probably time to go.

To recap, which I hardly do as I tend to engage in so many digressions. I wake up a bit zombified, pet the dogs, caffeinate, work efficiently, and contemplate. I hug my son in wonder at how quickly he’s growing up. Then I rush to get ready and walk to work. Yup, there’s exercise too.

That’s how a morning zombie works it!

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  1. It is nice to know that somewhere there is a zombie ‘keeping it together’ in the somewhat early morning. I keep meaning to plant some zomb-flowers in my garden to attract the zombees. Happy Tuesday.


  2. SMiLes Where the Alarm
    Clock Dies the Morning
    Truly Rises as Every
    Day Becomes Easter
    A New Birth Refreshed
    Ready to Become Bushy
    Tailed Bright Eyed And Creative
    Other Than That Re-Reading What i
    Wrote The Night Before at 3 AM Or So to See
    if it Makes Any Sense Under Late Night Eye Lids
    Closing As Such
    Naps Serve the
    Same Purpose
    in the Afternoon As
    ReTirement Allows
    Two Mornings of Fresh
    Wings And Bunny Tales THiS Way
    Dear Miriam With SMiLes And Yes
    Occasionally Late at Night at the ‘iHop’
    Particularly on Tuesday Night and Saturday
    Night After A Nap my Wife Allows A Gulp or Two
    or Three of Her Coffee With the Senior Discount
    Breakfast at iHop And Then i Don’t Only Spring into
    Action of Public Dance i Soar and Orbit the Stars Later
    Into the Breath
    of the Dark
    Sining Past All
    The Objects Above
    Until the Next Morning Below
    i Awake To See Hehe again if Heaven
    Has Voice That May Be Seen And Heard..:)


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