Let’s start off with some wacky news

Many moons ago, I used to post on Fridays some odd stories that popped up throughout the week. Because I’m doing a reset to my life (slowly), I thought I would start off the week by posting about some oddities. Mind you, what one person may find odd, another may not.

1. Elves exist, or so one president seems to believe. Mexico’s president posted a photo on his social media accounts this past weekend, capturing what he said appeared to be a mythological woodland spirit similar to an elf. The world has been topsy-turvy lately, so might as well see if elves do exist. I can certainly use a nice house elf.

2. Putting science to the test by using your mouth and other body parts. Six doctors swallowed Lego heads for science.  They wanted to see what truly would be bad to the body so that they could reassure parents. I’m not too sure what they accomplished. But apparently, they are still alive and can utilize the restroom just fine.

3. Bollywood star Akshay Kumar breaks selfie world record. Apparently, Indian actor Akshay Kumar broke a Guinness World Record by snapping selfies with 184 fans in 3 minutes. My question, besides who cares, is why is anyone monitoring this? Who is the tracker of selfies?

4. Does your dog have a long tongue, maybe you can get a world record out of it. An Arizona dog whose tongue is 3.74 inches longer than his snout was awarded the Guinness World Record for longest tongue on a living dog. I wonder how deep his water bowl needs to be?

5. Here’s to another mysterious object. A cryptic metal ball has washed ashore at Enshu Beach in the city of Hamamatsu on Japan’s Pacific coast. The rusty, orange-tinted sphere has been given the name of “Godzilla egg.” It is about 5 feet in diameter and has two raised handles. What’s in it? Does Godzilla exist?

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