A letter of gratitude to 2022

Dear 2022

Here is a brief letter of gratitude now that I have had some days to reflect back on the year that recently was. First off, thank you for ending. The year seemed unusually long and tedious, at times. Why I had to get covid this past year after two years of working in a clinic without getting it, is beyond my comprehension. Well, I actually understand it but don’t have to like it.

Second, thank you for being the year where, despite rough patches, I was able to attain some long-term goals. Specifically, my son was finally able to meet up with a long-term friend across the country. It was really important for him to have this occur. And, I was happy to see his happiness. Further, I reached my long-term goal of going to all 50 states. My Alaska dream came true. Also, my son found the school of his dreams and got straight As in his first trimester there. My son was a shining star.

Third, I was resilient. Many things were thrown at me, and I persevered. However, I’d be grateful not to go through that again. Thus, year 2022, please have a word with 2023 on my behalf.

I’ll leave there. As I said I would be brief.

Thanks 2022 and farewell .

Yours truly, mimi

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  1. Dear Lord 2022 Seemed Like a Long 3 Years
    Dear Miriam No Problems As Usual in Eden

    Plenty of SuNFLoWeRS NeW to Go Around Free
    Now For All the Small Winged And Furry Creatures

    Both Climbing
    And Flying High

    For 113 Months and

    19 Days Since i Arrived
    From That Other Cold

    And Frozen Place Within

    Verily i Have the Perspective
    to ‘See’ The Real Place i Am

    However God Yes NeW As Far As
    Theatrical Tradition Comes GoeS NoW
    As Art May Foreshadow Reality to Come

    ‘The Joker’ Movie From Fall of 2019 Surely
    Foreshadowed What Will Come to Be Then

    As Passover of Orange Fog Still To Continue

    To Spread ACRoSS Lands of ‘Gotham’ For Real

    True Though in 2020 As Calls For ‘Batman’ Went

    Out Unanswered As Of Course There Are Only Two Terms

    For President Batman to Serve so His Butler Did A Pretty

    Good Job Sweeping

    Up A Land Poisoned

    By PaNDaMNDeMIC Existence

    It’s A Wolf Full Moon For the 6th of January
    iNDeeD Moving into the 7th Now As The Werewolves
    Of London in Washington Are Nearly At Fisticuffs Against

    Each Other
    Yet True
    A House
    Divided Still To Come

    Yet Eden Continues to
    SMiLe Like Any SuNFLoWeR to Be Free Will…

    Here’s The Good News ‘Avatar The Way of Water’
    Signals Another Change As Art Become Reality Again

    Hehe i’d Tale Ya Yet i Don’t Wanna Provide Any SpoilerS on
    The Good News NoW iNDeeD It’s Sort oF A Do It Ourselves Job For Real…

    In Other Good News i HeaR ANoTHeR ‘Batman’ Arriving At ‘The House…’


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