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Apparently, I was right three times today

As we have all probably heard or been told in some snarky fashion, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Well, I was super excited today because apparently, I was right three times. I thought for a minute I beat a broken clock. Then, in a googe search, I came to find that in certain circumstances a broken clock can be right three times in a day. For instance, if a broken clock is set to 1 in the fall daylight savings time, it will be correct at 1AM, 2AM, and 1PM. Whatever. Most people will not think of said possibility. Thus, I was still better than a broken clock. Those are some high standards, there.

I actually and hopefully obviously am exaggerating the extent of my happiness at being better than a broken clock. Let me just state for clarity sake, I’m right more often than not. I’m sure there are those who will disagree. However, I love to use data and not just rely on anecdotes.

Thus, I will rephrase and reframe. Today, three different people actually acknowledged I was right after all. It was validating to hear those words of acknowledgement. It was also nice, in that I had not prompted those acknowledgements. Everyone stated their cases, and some (3) reflected afterwards and decided to be a humble person in noting they had been wrong. I’ll take the win for it is forevermore fleeting.

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  1. Science Shows That When Big Rats Play
    With Small Rats If The Big Rat Doesn’t
    Let the Small Rat Win At Least 33 Percent

    Of the Rough House Tumbling Play

    The Small Rat Will No Longer

    Play With the Big Rat

    Believe it or Not
    i Couldn’t Find This

    Post About Broken
    Clocks Working One to Three
    Instances A Day Depending on Daylight

    Savings Time as i Didn’t Get An Email
    Notification For It Yet it Wasn’t Just You

    It Was Another Person i Sort of Play with too
    Twice A Day So It Must Be A Word Press Glitch

    Since it Wasn’t Only You Missing on the Notifications
    For Email So i Guess i Don’t Need to Subscribe Again Yet

    That’s Not Really The Point as my Wife Got Tired of me Not
    Putting Batteries in the New Clock She Bought me For Christmas

    As i Got too Busy Writing And Doing Other Stuff over the Holidays

    i Just Kept On Procrastinating
    Like Never Making it to Church
    On Time Yes Part of the Reason
    i Guess She Got me A New Clock

    Yet Once Again This Reminds
    me Why it is Always Important
    That i Remind my Wife She Wins

    When We Have Play Time Arguments

    Over Whether or Not i Like Christmas Clocks

    As Gifts It Was Just Funny as i Was Trying to Figure

    Out How to Play With Your Blog Post And Voila

    A Clock


    And Tumble Play
    ENSUinG Verbally Hehe
    With me Eventually Agreeing
    For my Wife to Take the Clock
    Back As She Admitted She Bought
    The Wrong Size Anyway So i Agreed With Her
    That i Was Wrong About Liking The HUGE Clock

    So That
    is That

    And i Guess
    Who This is This too
    With SMiLes For Just
    Another ‘Day in The Life’ of

    Whatever Comes What May

    “In the Friction of the Day”

    Anyway i’m Glad to See Your
    String of Wins Posting Each

    Day Continuing ThiS Way Dear Miriam…

    i Visit A Place Called The ‘Wrong Planet’ Each
    Day And No One Seems to Ever Want to Debate


    i Dance And Sing in Play…

    Hmm… Just Hmm… Hehe…

    Sadly no one Seems to Want to ‘Move my Cheese’…

    “I took the tube back out of town
    Back to the Rollin’ Pin
    I felt a little like a dying clown
    With a streak of Rin Tin Tin
    I stretched back and I hiccupped
    And looked back on my busy day
    Eleven hours in the tin pan
    God, there’s got to be another way”

    ‘Who Are You’ Just Playing on my Wife’s
    TV Keith Moon Reminding me It’s the Wolf 6th
    Of January Full Moon Reminding me of the Wolf Shirt

    i Wore The Last Two Dance Days

    And One Before That too

    Indeed Three

    Times in a Row

    Yes Last Night Dancing

    Wearing one Watching
    The New Avatar Movie i
    Swear The Best Movie i Ever

    See Chills and Tears Running

    Down my Cheeks So Much Frisson

    It All Makes Sense NoW HeHE ALL oF iT Hehe

    Yes Who Am i Who Am i Just Playing Who i Am…

    Yep Who Needs Deadlines CLoCKS And Wins When
    Ya Got HeART

    *Tapping Finger
    iN RhYme oF TiMe
    Waiting For You To Watch And
    ReView the NeW AVaTaR Movie HAha…;)

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