What to do about the gift and television leftovers?

I don’t really care for leftovers. And, in that regard, I’m referring to food. Some people note food can taste better the next day. Considering how many times I’ve ended up im emergency room for food poisoning, such a consideration provides little comfort. Now that I’ve established that I do not care for food leftovers, let me note I’m here today to talk about what to do with other leftovers.

Namely, I’m concerned with two different types of leftovers: (1) gifts and (2) television shows. Let me start with gifts. I overbuy. I admit I have an online shopping-at-midnight problem. As a result, I have some gifts with no intended recipient. I know I want to give it to someone, but who? Also, I gave gifts that I bought and wrapped up for intended people but didn’t get a chance to hand them out before the holidays took hold of our schedules. I also bought some gifts, intended for some people, and then I thought twice about it. I essentially have gift leftovers.

Now, I could use some of these gift leftovers for myself. However, that was no my original intent. I suppose I can try to hand them out for three kings day. But, what if I miss that day as well. This gift-giving ritual did not turn out the way I wanted this year. I love giving gifts. And, I just did not fully execute the distribution component. I could save some for next year.

Now, I also have a problem with television leftovers. Now, this might sound odd. So, hear me out. I started a number of television shows that I just did not get to finish before the end of the last year (i.e. Andor, Pennyworth). Some were truly interesting, but I couldn’t get to them. Others, were of the type of show where you can watch them or leave them. It’s a new year, and thus, I’m left with the question, should I bother with yesteryear’s shows?

I don’t particularly care for starting the year with said leftovers. However, maybe I can just become a year-round gift giver and midnight television-binge viewer. Those acts would resolve this conundrum.

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